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Permanent Christmas Lights

You no longer have to hire an expensive electrician to put outlets in your eaves or search for a seasonal Christmas lighting company that’s not booked out to hang up and take down your lights every winter in hopes of staying safely off the roof.

With JellyFish Lighting, you can have LED Christmas lights permanently installed once and turn them on and off with an app on your phone. The lights are encased in an aluminum track that matches the color of your trim, making it discreet from the street.

Each light set is RGB and can produce over 16 million color options, so you can also use them for other holidays like Halloween, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and more!


Never Hang Christmas Lights Again

Permanent Christmas lights solve the yearly challenge of being decorated for Christmas. There is just a one-time expense to have permanent LED Christmas lights installed that could pay for itself after a few years of no longer paying for a company to hang your Christmas lights, take them down, and store them! Plus, permanent Christmas lights keep you and your loved ones safe off the ladder and away from live electricity, and are cheaper than a hospital bill.

Home with Christmas lights

Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Permanent Christmas Lights

Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Permanent Christmas Lights

Are permanent Christmas lights allowed by HOAs?

JellyFish Lighting is often approved by HOA and ACR committees. Historically, permanent Christmas lights have been restricted due to the exposed LED bulbs and the Christmas light coloration, which may not be appropriate for every holiday season. Our system does not have these problems because our lights can change color to be non-holiday accent lighting, or to match whatever holiday is happening. JellyFish Lighting’s tracks are also much less obvious than traditional string lights: they only protrude a 1/4 an inch from a track that matches the color of your eaves. That way, you can keep your outdoor lighting to match your other Christmas decorations—and still stay up to code.

DIY Permanent Christmas lights?

Do-it-yourself outdoor permanent holiday lighting kits are available for purchase. You will need to know how many linear feet of lights and the color of your eaves; please click here to learn about installation and how to place an order.

Permanent Christmas Light Installation

It depends on the construction of your home, but the basics are:

  • Install the controller in your garage
  • Run a low-voltage wire from the controller to where the lights start
  • Connect the lights to the wire
  • Cut the metal track to fit the eaves
  • Place the lights in the track
  • Screw the track into the eaves

Success! Permanent Christmas Lights that you can use year-round!

For more details, contact us here anytime.

What do Permanent Christmas Lights Cost?

Permanent Christmas string lights are an investment in your home for long-term cost savings and convenience. If you pay a company to put in temporary Christmas lights, you can calculate how many years the system would take to save money.

For example, if you pay someone $600 a year for temporary Christmas lights and it costs $3600 for permanent Christmas lighting to be installed, then it would only take about six years to break even.

The best part of this is that you get tons of holiday lights, not just Christmas. You can also use them for accent lighting, Diwali, Halloween, Independence Day, a birthday, a game day, or any special occasion. Also, the system’s versatile color displays can also produce warm white, cool blue, indigo, red, green, orange, or any of our 16 million color options!

How long do permanent Christmas lights last?

It depends on the type of permanent Christmas lights. Our system is a specially designed, robust outdoor-rated LED with three lights in each LED bulb. We used an LED in our design because it is known for its durability, rated for years and years of use.