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Where are the best places to go for outdoor lighting services in Denver, Colorado?

There are several smaller businesses that can provide lighting services, as well as many larger companies that can do bigger installations. One such company is, of course, JellyFish Lighting.  We operate a location in Denver, Colorado, so if you are around the Denver area, you can easily access JellyFish’s Lighting design and installation services.

The JellyFish Lighting Denver address is  14 Inverness Dr E B120, Englewood, CO. You can also call us at (720) 583-082.

What should I be looking for in an outdoor lighting company?

So, what should you be looking for in a lighting company? An outdoor lights company can offer you different things, so it’s good to check out a company beforehand to see whether they offer what you know what you want.

Some lighting companies design both exterior and interior lighting fixtures, and some only do one or the other. Some companies will offer a free estimate of the cost of lights for your home and will either gather information from you or may even come to your house themselves to check it out.

What options are available to you for outdoor lighting? There are several styles and methods of lighting up the exterior of your home, and which one you go with will depend on why you want lights.

If you want outdoor lights for security, flood lights are a great option. a strong, bright light fixture that will illuminate your whole yard clearly are a great way to prevent and detect any potential intruders.

Most people want outdoor lights to add ambiance and decor to their home. Accent lights are a great way to get that. You can have warm or cool-toned white lights for everyday use, and with color-changing LED bulbs you can adjust the look for holidays and special occasions. You can also hang lamps or attach other light fixtures to the wall of your house to add porch lighting.

Another side of outdoor lighting is landscape lighting and highlighting. outdoor landscape lighting is pretty much what it sounds like, using light fixtures to highlight your landscaping. You can use path lights and lamps to mark out your gardens, and spotlights to draw attention to anything in the landscape.

What is JellyFish Lighting?

JellyFish Lighting is an outdoor lighting company with fast installation and lifetime color-changing patterns Our LED lights last for years without needing to be changed, making them incredibly easy and low maintenance. The lights are also programmable, allowing you to change the colors and design to match whatever occasion you need. One installation, thousands of colors.

LED lights are much more energy efficient than other lights, even if you leave them on 24/7, they should still last years before burning out and your energy bill won’t be too high. LEDs are also perfect to use outside since they operate better in the cold, as opposed to incandescents that take longer to turn on and are dimmer in the cold. You can also set them to a timer or light sensor to turn on at dusk and off at dawn, or control them manually if you want to be even more energy-efficient lighting.

Quality LED lights will keep your property well-lit and will meet any of your lighting needs, and the 3-year warranty should cover any potential issues that may come up with the lights. You can call for a free estimate today and begin the installation process!

What makes JellyFish Lighting stand out?

We provide a selection of outdoor light installations. One installation of lights on your house can have tons of applications! Due to the color-changing LEDs, one light setup can act as accent lighting, security lighting, holiday lighting, game day lighting, and any other special occasion!

No more changing the lights out every holiday! You can have one installation that lasts years and adapts to all your needs.

For a holiday lighting installation, or even DIY outdoor Christmas lights, having experts like JellyFish help you create custom permanent holiday lights for your home will help the lights look more professional and be more effective at lighting your home while bringing holiday cheer.

Where are all the locations for JellyFish Lighting?

We have 4 main locations and several smaller authorized sellers in almost every state. The main JellyFish Lighting locations are Salt Lake City, UT, Denver, CO, Dallas, TX, and Houston, TX. If you live near Salt Lake, Denver, the DFW area, or Houston, you can buy from us directly. If not, don’t worry! We have authorized dealers in almost every state that can connect you.

JellyFish Lighting services in Colorado

The Denver location is currently the only one in Colorado, but each of the surrounding states have several locations as well.

The JellyFish Denver address is  14 Inverness Dr E B120, Englewood, CO. You can reach them at (720) 583-082.

How do I contact JellyFish Lighting?

If you decide to go with JellyFish to help you in your lighting journey, you can contact JellyFish Lighting today! We can give you a free estimate on your home and begin the installation for your lights. The whole installation process only takes a day or 2. You can call to begin the process today!