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Thanks for your Interest in

Becoming a JellyFish Lighting Dealer!

The Next Steps


A Dealer Sales Representative will Reach Out to you Soon


Sign the Dealer Agreement


Pay your Dealer Buy-In

We will let you know product pricing and buy in options.
A dealer buy-in is typically around $10,000-$20,000 and includes:
- An $800 dealer kit
- A $2,500 retainer in case we have to send our team out
- Purchase of product

We Send a Dealer Kit

Each buy-in comes with a dealer kit, which includes:
- A control box
- A short ~20 foot strand of lights
- Samples of various tracks
- Color swatch
- A bundle of generic JellyFish Lighting Fliers (That you can personalize)
- A bundle of generic JellyFish Lighting Business Cards (that you can personalize)
The dealer kit costs $800, but is primarily made up of working product that can be used to install a home or showroom. It is helpful to have physical product so the dealer can get familiar with it as well as show potential customers, because in most cases this is a new product in a new area.

Verify you have Insurance and Workers Comp


On the Job Training

Training is typically at least 2 days long in Salt Lake City, Utah and is at the dealers expense. People with constructor backgrounds tend to progress quickly through training.

Acquire the Necessary Tools

Tool belt, cordless impact driver & drill, linesman pliers (smooth grip), left, straight, and right tin snips, wire cutters, wire crimpers, wire snippers, digital voltmeter, electrician fishing rods long and short with hooks, screwdrivers assorted sizes both phillips and flat heads, tape measure, speed square, torpedo level, ladders, planks, a vehicle, caulk gun, henry’s caulk (for roof penetrations), paintable caulk, wire nuts, wire crimps, screws ¼ inch drive (1, 1 ½, 2, 2½ inch as needed), drill bits (⅝ x 6 inch, ⅝ x 18 inch, ½ x 6 inch, ½ x 18 inch, ⅜ x 18 inch), ¼ inch driver tip for drill/impact driver, philips tips for drill/impact driver, wifi extenders, 16-4 wire (can buy through us)

Sell a Job

- Use your existing customer base
- Offer bids when you provide services from your other business
- Local marketing and networking
- Flyers and business cards (we can send you editable templates)
- Pre-qualify before doing an onsite bid
- Measure (record on a spacial map) and take pictures of where they want installed and the color swatch
- Collect a half down deposit which can go towards your dealer buy-in

Order Product

Call your salesperson and they will send you product as needed.


Do quality work and be sure the customer is trained and everything is working before leaving.


Honor the warranty and service all jobs as needed.