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Updating a Black P2 Controller from the JellyFishP2 App to the JellyFish Designer App

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  • Download the JellyFish Designer app from your app store
  • Make sure your black Pro2 controller is turned on (use the switch on the left side)
  • Make sure the controller is connected to your home WiFi
    • Test this by connecting your phone to your home WiFi and controlling your lights with the old JellyFishP2 app
    • If your controller isn’t connected to WiFi, you’ll need to move your controller into an area that has WiFi because a controller needs to be connected to WiFi to update
  • Open the JellyFish Designer app
  • When the app opens, it will automatically scan for version 1 firmware and ask if you want it to update to JellyFish Designer (the latest version)
    • If it doesn’t ask you to update the first time, try killing the JellyFish Designer app, when it restarts it will scan for version 1 firmware again and ask to update
  • Press “Yes”
  • It will take a while to update
    • Once you update your controller, the JellyFishP2 App can no longer control the controller
  • After the update the router that the controller is connected to needs to be rebooted (unplugged and plugged back in) to reset the IP/MAC addresses