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Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

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Connect your phone to the Pro2 Controller

-Open WiFi Connections on your smart device -Search available networks for JellyFish-XXXX -Connect using password bigfish10

The mobile app can be installed from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


-Search for “JellyFish Designer” in either store
– Install the “JellyFish Designer Cloud” app if you want to control your lights from anywhere and open the app
-Go to Setup
-Go to WiFi Setup -Search for available networks -Find your local network and select it
– Search for available networks – Find your local network and select it
– Network must be 2.4 ghz
– Enter password
– Click Connect
– WiFi Setup will run for a minute or two
– Upon completion the controller will display the correct date and time, followed by (*9) – (*8) or (*9) signifies a strong connection – (*0) to (*7) requires a WiFi extender or hardwire to the router or switchbox
– Close the app
– Your phone should have changed its connection to the home network.
– JellyFish-XXXX should have changed to JellyFish-c-XXXX and the password should now be the same as our local network password
– Open the app and use your lights

More tutorials in help center on how to set up zones or create patterns.