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List Tab in the Menu: All Saved Patterns & Accents Sorted by Category

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  • Select the zone:
    • Press ▼ next to “All Zones” to select the zone you’d like to turn on
      • By default, your system is set to a zone called “All Lights”
      • If you have created your own zones, they will show up here
    • To turn on a zone, toggle it to blue.  To turn off a zone, toggle it to grey
    • To play a new pattern on a zone, make sure the zone is both toggled on/blue and the box to the right is selected with a ✓
      • If the zone is toggled on/blue but the box to the right is not selected, you are not changing what is being displayed for that zone (it will stay the same)
    • If your system only has the “All Lights” zone configured, turn it on/blue and select the box to the right with a ✓
  • Press the ∨ on the category to display the list of corresponding patterns or accents
  • Press the play button to the right of the desired program
    • After a pattern starts playing, the pattern can be modified and resaved
    • To modify an existing pattern or accent:
      • Play the pattern you’d like to modify
      • Press the “adjust” icon to the left of the play button to open the adjust page
      • Press “Save” and rename it
      • You can also get to the adjust page by pressing “pattern” if you want to adjust a pattern or “accent” if you want to adjust an accent in the lower menu bar while the lights are on the pattern or accent you’d like to adjust
  • To delete patterns:
    • Press the ⋮
    • Press “Delete Pattern”