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June 2023 JellyFish Alexa Integration

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  • Fixed Bugs
    • Fixed a problem where you weren’t allowed to save accents to other categories
    • Fixed a problem where the power button would get stuck in one position after

      quickly turning it on and off multiple times

    • Swapping accounts would attempt to connect to previous accounts controller
    • Controller List wouldn’t update after adding a new controller
    • Adding Controller would occasionally open the “Retry Comms” Screen
  • Added Features
    • Faster loading for accounts with multiple controllers
    • Added a feature to copy patterns and schedules to all controllers in an account

      for specially marked accounts

■ Added check for controllers that failed to save patterns

  • Small Text Changes in Schedule/Calendar Menu
  • Text changes for an Internet Error
  • Connects to last connected controller when coming in from the background

    (Speeds up coming in from the background)

  • Tweaked the Color correction values so White wouldn’t look so Purple
  • Moved “Delete Account” buttons to be harder to accidently Delete Account
  • Removed Add New Controller. Wi-Fi Setup is now separate from Add Controller
  • Alexa
    • You can link your JellyFish Cloud and Alexa accounts in the app. In the app, go to Settings > General > Smart Home > Enable Alexa and press the “Link with Alexa” button. It is recommended you have the Alexa app installed and logged in to
    • Automation Lights for Alexa! Sync together a pattern with a zone(s) to create a device inside Alexa! A great use case is creating a soffit pattern that turns on when your Alexa enabled security camera detects motion