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Google Home Integration

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Setting Google Home up with JellyFish Lights

  1. Download and open the Google Home app
  2. Login to your Google account in the Google Home app
  3. Go to the “Devices” section
  4. Press the “+ Add Device” button in the middle of the screen

5. Press “Works with Google” and search for JellyF
6. Follow the instructions and sign into your JellyFish Cloud account when instructed to

7. You are done! Your devices will appear in the Google Home app shortly

Using Google Home with JellyFish Lights


  • Shortly after linking your JellyFish Lights with Google Home, a number of devices/lights will appear on your Google Home app
  • There will be one device for every zone you have between all your JellyFish controllers

Smart Home commands

Capabilities are: Turn lights on/off, change the brightness, set a single color

  • Automation lights are explained earlier on in this document
  • Example zone used: Front of House
  • Turning the lights on and off
    • “Ok Google, turn on Front of house
    • “Ok Google, turn Front of house off”
  • Changing the brightness of the lights
    • “Ok Google, change Front of house lights to 50 percent brightness”
    • “Ok Google, increase brightness of Front of house lights by 25”`
  • Playing a single color
    • “Ok Google, set Front of house to warm white”

“Ok Google, turn Front of house blue”