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App Not Connecting

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Make sure your phone is connected to the same WiFi as the controller

Check the controller connection

  • If the controller is hardwired, look on the controller screen for a # symbol which means the controller is hardwired to the router. There should be an ethernet cable between the controller and a WiFi extender, or an ethernet cable directly from the controller to the router. If the # is there move on to the next step.
  • If the controller is wirelessly connected, look on the controller screen for an *9 or *8 etc. The number reflects how strong the connection is, if the number is low like *2 *3 it means there is a very weak signal, if the number is high like *8 or *9 the signal is very strong.

If there is no *number or #, connect the controller to WiFi

  • ONLY follow this step if there is no *number or # on your controller screen, click here for instructions on how to reset WiFi

Reset the router

  • Follow instructions for your router
Uninstall and reinstall the app
  • Follow instructions for your phone
Swipe the app closed and freshly reopen it (clear from the background)
  • Follow instructions for your phone
Reset the WiFi extender if you have one
  • Unplug the WiFi extender and replug it in
Give the phone permission to connect to the app
  • Usually the installer does this at install because it will not connect on iPhones if this step is not done. Go to settings, then privacy, then local network, verify the switch is slid over to green for JF Designer

Hard reboot the controller

  • Flip the switch on the bottom left hand corner of the control box, leave the controller powered off for 10 mins, then turn back on

Verify you are using 2.4 ghz WiFi, not 5 ghz

  • JellyFish Lighting controllers are designed for 2.4 ghz because it produces a stronger signal, but it’s not as fast. 5 ghz produces faster speeds, but a weaker signal. This is normally handled at install and installers will program an extender to convert to 2.4 ghz to connect. If not, a WiFi extender is needed.

If you are still experiencing connectivity issues, please call your local office