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Reconnect Your Cloud Account


On September 18, a cloud server outage resulted in the disconnection of your local controller(s) from your cloud account. Our servers currently indicate that your controller(s) have not yet reestablished a connection to your cloud account.

If you’re facing this issue, when you open the Jellyfish Lighting Cloud App, you’ll see a message stating ‘unable to communicate with the controller in your account’. However, you can still control it using the Designer App.

Recovery Preparation

  • Make sure mobile phone wifi is on and the mobile phone is connected to the same network as the controller(s).

Recovery Process: Step 1

  • Open the JellyFish Designer Cloud App. You should see a message about the communication issue. Navigate to the ‘Recover Controllers’ option, which is the last of the five options presented.

Recovery Process: Step 2

  • Upon selecting ‘Recover Controllers’, a pop-up will appear, indicating the tool is for controllers affected around September 18. Confirm your Wi-Fi connection and proceed by clicking ‘OK’.

Recovery Process: Step 3

  • The app will then display the controllers linked to your account and prompt you to confirm the recovery. Press ‘OK’.

Recovery Process: Step 4

  • This step includes repairing each controller, which might take up to a minute.

Recovery Process: Step 5

  • Click ‘OK’ to the recovery completion message.

Recovery Process: Step 6

  • Select ‘Retry Communications’.

Recovery Process: Step 7

  • This action returns you to the main page.

Recovery Process: Step 8

  • Shortly, a message about a required firmware update will appear. This update is crucial as it prevents future disconnections during server downtimes.

Recovery Process: Step 9

  • Press ‘Start update”, which may take about five minutes. Stay connected to Wi-Fi and keep the app open.

Recovery Process: Step 10

  • The app will go through a few different screens while updating. Keep the app open and within WiFi range.

Recovery Process: Step 11

  • Once the update is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation, and you can then control your lights as usual.


  • Thank you for following this guide. If you encounter any further issues, please reach out for assistance. Enjoy your Jellyish Lighting experience!

NOTE: If you continue to have cloud connectivity issues:

  • The system still works with the JF Designer App
  • You can still connect and control the JellyFish Lighting system
  • Give your local office a call and we will help

Click Video Below for Video Instructions