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JellyFish Designer App Update Release Notes

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  • Zones
    • The minimum size of a port has been set to 10 lights
    • Default port size is now 50 lights
    • Fixed issues with changing zone and using “zone” in the name of a zone
    • Fixed issue where the UI would not update after deleting a zone
      • After renaming a zone the app will go and check other places that zone was used and correct those
    • Other bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue with having numbers in zone name
  • Accent
    • When leaving accent, if no lights were turned on, turn off the lights o Fixed an issue where a “bad zone” message would not be cleared o Fixed power button in accent
    • Fixed an issue where a controller firmware restart would change selected  zone
    • Fixed problem with accent switching zones
    • Corrected error if an accents size was bigger than its zone
  • Schedule
    • Fixed an issue where a calendar event could have an end date before the  start date
    • Changed the default days for a schedule to everyday in the week
  • Settings
    • When naming a controller, it restricts to alphanumeric characters
    • Improved WIFI setup
    • Bug fixes
  • General 
    • Added tutorials button to the top of the screen
      • This takes you to a page with tutorials if you need help working  your lights
    • Changed power button behavior
      • Entering the Pattern or Accent page will turn on the lights
    • Fixed some issues on app bootup
  • Connectivity
    • Pixel devices will now have a much nicer time connecting to controllers
    • A more specific message will now appear if the app can find a controller  but not communicate with it
      • Entering the Pattern or Accent page will turn on the lights
    • Changes to improve connectivity to controller


  • LCD
    • Programs can now be run from LCD menu on the controller
      • The first press of the LCD will just activate the back light. Press  again to do anything else
        • Speed and brightness can be adjusted
      • Navigate files in a category with the left and right arrows
      • Change categories with the Menu button
  • Lights
    • Fixed issues where unexpected colors could pop up when rapidly  changing settings from the app
  • Schedule
    • Allows for multiple events to happen at once
      • Useful for changing different zones at different times