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JellyFish Lighting
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Kim JensenKim Jensen
20:39 29 Feb 24
We met with 4 different lighting companies before deciding to use Jellyfish. We liked this company from the very beginning and were very happy with the entire process. We love the quality of the lights, the beautiful way they installed them to be aesthetically pleasing on our house, and the customer service that has been provided through every step. The lights are bright and beautiful with so many options, including ways to customize! Very easy to use from my phone!
Joe MontaltiJoe Montalti
17:20 09 Feb 24
everything was awesome, install, training and the fit and finish of the lights. we absolutely love them.
Jennifer EdwardsJennifer Edwards
19:14 22 Jan 24
I absolutely love the lights! They were very professional and friendly. They also did an amazing job on explaining the apps and how to operate the lights. Would definitely recommend Jellyfish lights to friends and family.
Carissa RogersCarissa Rogers
19:11 19 Jan 24
We got jellyfish lighting installed and we absolutely love it! The installers were great and cleaned up after themselves. They also ran us through how to use the system in detail. The lights are so bright and we can’t wait to use them for the next holiday. Right now we are using them for accent lighting and love it! Definitely recommend!
Boomer BensonBoomer Benson
19:14 08 Jan 24
I love my lights I’m just Learning how to operate them so far I’m doing OK
Craig ElisonCraig Elison
04:56 07 Jan 24
I really enjoy the different light colors and configurations. It’s a plus for our home.
Christine MinchChristine Minch
17:04 26 Dec 23
Love these lights! So many patterns to choose from or you can make your own.
Lester LilleyLester Lilley
19:05 25 Dec 23
Great install, and very happy with everything.
kim woodcockkim woodcock
19:12 18 Dec 23
I just love my Jellyfish lighting. We use ours all year long. I just use the app on my phone and can change it to different holidays or special occasions. They don’t cost a lot to runs them. And like I said we use them all year.
Sue WardenSue Warden
02:00 16 Dec 23
We love our new Jellyfish lightening! Great company!
April TonkinApril Tonkin
21:29 15 Dec 23
The Utah Jellyfish lighting team was superb, From all areas, including the sales rep. ,installation and tech support all were professional and seamless.We love our home lighting system. 🙂 Highly recommend-
Sheri WirthSheri Wirth
19:53 11 Dec 23
Jellyfish came out and corrected the issues and everything is working great. There were issues that the previous tech did not address. He was in a hurry and there were issues with creating the zones. I previously gave one star but it's back to 5 stars!
01:32 07 Dec 23
Good: The installers were great and the install is clean.Looks great lit up.Bad: The control unit in the garage is a joke. Giant box with a horrible interface.- The app is even worse. It works I guess but is the most ridiculous horribly designed thing i've ever used on my phone. Absolutely terrible. Not to mention Trim Light has allot of features that Jellyfish doesn't like syncing to calendars etc. For how expensive this stuff is their App is a laughable joke.- Also their sales person sent me lots of pics of competitors hardware..which is all out of date. I had competitors show up to my house and show me what they had. I hired Jellyfish sight unseen based on the brand name. Honestly I wish I went with someone else.
Corinne DunowCorinne Dunow
19:08 04 Dec 23
We had our lights installed last week and from the start of the process to the end our experience with JellyFish Lighting has been A++! We received wonderful Customer Svc with Trevor and continuing on with our light installers that were at our house last week. Everyone was so nice and accommodating and worked really hard the day of our installation. We absolutely love our lights! Than you Jellyfish Lighting!
Crappy OpinionCrappy Opinion
15:29 01 Dec 23
$15 to $30 for lights that just barley recived a U.L Rating? So before when you were installing lights they were not U.L rated light? I downloaded the app to see the PDF and wow. Your programmers took other people's work and used it as their own. You Literally copy cut and paste coding in your app. The lights themselves are just 2811 led lights. Nothing special you can buy those off Amazon for like $20 Only difference is there's a proprietary meaning it has their name on the light.. Honestly the app has basic programming capabilities for the light. I've seen better programed light patters from the .99 cent store. Honestly these light are very Limited by the programming that they have. It's basic chase,paint,muti paint, A sequence and one other basic opinion. If your going to want to make a light show these are not the lights for you. You can't even get there controller to work with X lighting. Very sad when a 40$ controller from China has better capabilities and programs than a $700 jellyfish controller. This is just a way to show your neighbors you have money but your not smart about how you spend your money.Like I said They are behind every other company that does permanent lighting with technology and Innovation.
Celina De NunnoCelina De Nunno
01:25 28 Nov 23
Kevin SmithKevin Smith
00:40 28 Nov 23
Doing a better job with clean up. When racking leaves I found several brackets and screws and even a one foot of angle piece that I think was blown off our roof. Some of the pieces were hit by my lawnmower during leaf cleanup.🙁.
Michelle JensenMichelle Jensen
18:06 20 Nov 23
We LOVE our JellyFish house lights so much!♥️💙💜🖤💛💚🧡🤎🩶🩷🩵We originally had plans to install soffit can lights, but our contractor introduced the idea of programmable lighting. We are so grateful! The JellyFish installation crew was very professional and knowledgeable, worked fast and they were so courteous. The preprogrammed choices are great, and being able to custom program lights to fit your home, the occasion and the exact place you want it is ✨AMAZING ⚡️. I HIGHLY recommend 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Michele ParryMichele Parry
02:11 07 Nov 23
We looked into a couple different permanent lighting companies when we decided on permanent lighting for our home. The customer service, ease, over all experience and patience from Tyson made it an easy decision to choose JellyFish. Tyson was quick to respond with out being a typical pushy salesman and always followed through. The installers were quick and respectful and the product is really fun!
Tyler MickelsonTyler Mickelson
22:55 30 Oct 23
Great product, looks like it is well built and made to last. If installing yourself, no written instructions! You have to watch a few videos to figure out connections. Other than that, very happy with the product, it comes with thousands of customizable options!
John VaethJohn Vaeth
13:55 27 Oct 23
I want to thank Brian Cole for fixing an issue that he never has seen before with his many years with the company. He replaced the wiring and controller and had everything up and running in 30mins. We were the first family in our neighborhood over 4yrs ago to install JellyFish Lighting, now everyone has it. The company has been wonderful to work with and the follow-up customer service has been great. If you ever need someone to fix your lighting I hope it is Brian who shows up at your door. Happy holidays and I can't wait to turn on my lightning tonight!
Manuel HernandezManuel Hernandez
22:35 26 Oct 23
02:56 19 Oct 23
I moved to Utah from Pennsylvania in June and noticed many of my neighbors have the Jellyfish style ’fixed’ lights on their houses. So I was interested in putting them on my house. I contacted Jellyfish for a quote and spoke to Trevor. He was very professional and worked with me on a reasonable price and even gave me a generous discount, which was very much appreciated!Two days after I put in my order, I got a call that they were scheduled to install our lights the following day. The crew showed up on time and were extremely professional! To install the lights on the front of our house, it took the guys roughly 4 hours. The crew took their time to show me how the app works and all the various features of programming the lights.The lights themselves look amazing and my family and I couldn't be any happier! The lights are super bright and have many different features and pretty much any color combination you can think of. I've spent so much time (fun time) playing on the app and creating custom light combos! We like the accent lighting feature for our house the most. It's simple and makes our house look elegant.The best part about Jellyfish lights are that there are no more ladders and tangled balls of string lights to mess with!! Overall, these lights can be a little pricey, but if you love Christmas lights, just put it in to perspective. You never have to buy lights again or have to mess with hanging them every year. Also I no longer have to worry about falling 20ft off a ladder or dangling off the side of my house like Clark W. Griswald. So to me it was well worth spending the little bit extra on Jellyfish lights and we couldn't be happier!
Jason BrooksJason Brooks
18:20 18 Oct 23
The installers were very professional discussed all options to limit wiring and hook up. Attention to detail in going over how to program… my only downside… I wished I had them installed years ago!!
David NielsonDavid Nielson
00:25 16 Oct 23
Absolutely love the jellyfish lighting. So easy and carefree. Way better then the other companies and the options are better and easier to run
Bill GossoniBill Gossoni
00:07 13 Oct 23
Beth J.Beth J.
18:20 11 Oct 23
I am so happy with our Jellyfish lighting!! From start to finish, the process was so simple. I had an estimate in hand within a couple days and the lights were professionally installed one week later. The crew was so nice and did a fantastic job, making sure we understood how it all worked before they left. We love all the options on the app and creating some of our own!
Jake WilliamsJake Williams
01:05 02 Oct 23
What a mess. The mobile app stopped working two weeks ago. Zero ability to log into your account. For two weeks. Service is horrible.
Kenneth MKenneth M
06:05 27 Sep 23
Megan BourquinMegan Bourquin
19:29 22 Sep 23
This company is a mess. I’ve asked for quotes multiple times and nothing. If it’s this hard to get a quote I’m not interested in seeing what it’s like to get them to come to the house to install lights. No thanks.
Pat SchleicherPat Schleicher
03:10 19 Sep 23
An absolutely amazing job. The crew that installed our lites were as good as it gets. Never had a worry in the world, and that means a lot these days. I’m use to watching crews do their job, and must say, some need watched, a lot. Not these guys. Very professional and very thorough. Thank you for a worry free installation.
Bill MediciBill Medici
18:05 18 Sep 23
The crew was right on time took great care of the work areas to avoid damage and took the time to explain the system!
Jayne MilnerJayne Milner
16:00 13 Sep 23
Thank you so much for the beautiful lights. The boys did a fabulous job installing and helping me understand how to work them. Also thanks for the service man Josh, who came and tweeked my lights. I’m so excited about the lights.
Mandy MartinezMandy Martinez
23:46 12 Sep 23
We sent them a referral, and it has taken almost 3 years to get it taken care of. Over this time period, I have talked to several different people, but it didn't become a priority until I left a bad review. (The couple we referred has contacted them several times also.) During this time, we have gotten daily emails, almost to the point of harassment wanting us to add more lighting to our house. Why would we consider doing that when they didn't honor their own referral program and their customer service in regards to this issue has been so unsatisfactory? We have since referred three people to their competitors, and they have had nothing but a smooth, pleasant transaction in addition to them saving hundreds of dollars. We absolutely love our lights, they were installed professionally & efficiently but going forward I think we will be going with a different company. These types of lights are really an investment, and customers need/should feel appreciated!*** Updated to give them 3 stars after now being harassed to edit my review. Even though they EVENTUALLY fixed the initial problem, it doesn't excuse the fact that it took them so long. Again, we love our lights, just not the way we have been treated.
Joe WilliamsJoe Williams
21:54 06 Sep 23
The people of Jelly Fish lighting were so helpful and answered all my questions and the lights are simply amazing
Pony Express HistorianPony Express Historian
20:09 28 Aug 23
Quick and professional.
Lora HLora H
20:15 26 Aug 23
Very happy with our JellyFish lighting! Our salesperson (Trevor) was extremely helpful in answering our questions and giving us a reasonable bid! We were able to schedule installation within a week and had a great crew come out. Brian, the lead technician also did a phenomenal job! Our house came with some challenges due to our vaulted ceilings. They were able to find solutions for everything and we could not be more thrilled with the end result! The app for the lighting takes a little getting used to but again, Brian explained the different options and set up zones for us. He demonstrated some of the preset themes and made sure every last light was working. My husband and I sat out one night and went through all the fun presets for the different holidays/seasons and it was like watching fireworks on the 4th of July! So many cool options and features! I definitely recommend JellyFish lighting!
Rick cookRick cook
00:03 24 Aug 23
Looks great! Exactly what we were looking for, thank you!!
Lynne Larsen-MillerLynne Larsen-Miller
16:39 23 Aug 23
Happy Birthday Brooklyn! What a great new way to celebrate. I love my new JellyFish lights!I was very careful in choosing a product. JF went above and beyond my expectations and gave me exactly what I wanted.
amy wadeamy wade
16:22 21 Aug 23
Our installation was on Wednesday,August 16, 2023. Absolutely amazing customer service and perfect installation. A professional crew arrived, worked and cleaned up... all in one day! My extensive research for exterior lighting led me to JellyFish Lighting!❤️ I love made in the USA! ❤️#DiscreetFromTheStreet
Richelle BaischRichelle Baisch
03:22 10 Jul 23
We’re very happy with our Jellyfish lighting. We installed an awning in our backyard and decided to use Jellyfish lighting for the light source. This was my husbands idea and I was not totally sure about its efficiency of lighting up the space, but It does a great job and we’ve had a lot of fun playing around with the lights (including the grown children in the house). They did a great job of matching the colors of our awning and house to make it blend, We did have to change the box because of the fan noise being so close to where we sit, but once we got the upgraded box, I haven’t heard it run at all. Apparently this box is usually put in the attic or garage, but because we were using it for our patio, we didn’t run the wires that far. We are extremely happy with the product and love all the features. And colors.
T WilsonT Wilson
11:19 08 Jul 23
Overall I enjoy my JellyFish Lighting. It can do some pretty neat things and look really cool. I feel it's overpriced for what it is and the app could be more user-friendly.
Richard MorreyRichard Morrey
03:01 04 Jul 23
It was the day before the Fourth. Phone App was saying it couldn't establish connection. Autumn, the receptionist was skilled in walking me through preliminary diagnostics. She determined that a field technician would be needed to fix the situation. First opening was this Friday (four days later and after the Fourth celebration.)I expressed disappointment because we were not be able to customize the lights for my daughter's Nursing Master's degree celebration last night. Being sympathetic, she was able to squeeze us in this afternoon. The polite and efficient field technicians remedied the problem by installing a booster with no charge. Very happy with JellyFish Lighting and the personal touch.
Mike RaetzMike Raetz
18:41 08 Apr 23
I was looking at different lighting companies, and a friend told us about JellyFish lighting. They ended up being the best value and many more lighting options. Everyone I dealt with was super nice and very knowledgeable Jake came out with the measurements and quote. Then worked with Shelby on schuling, which we had to do a few times because of the snow. Bryan and his team installed them and did a super job.We started with U of U colors . We now have easter colors. You can make any arrangement you want. You won't be sorry if you go with JellyFish and this team of employes.Mike
Tim ChandlerTim Chandler
21:29 06 Mar 23
Jellyfish Lighting is the only way to go for permanent home lights. They’re fast to get you a quote and even faster to install. The phone app is easy to use and there are literally thousands of colors and options to choose from. No more climbing on my roof to put up or take down holiday lights!
Paul ShumwayPaul Shumway
20:00 25 Feb 23
We've had this since October. It was a lot of fun during the holidays. Had an issue with the controller last week and they immediately came out to help when the troubleshooting steps provided didn't work. Excellent customer service!It is so much nicer than putting up then taking down lights just for the holidays. It's not cheap but I think adds to the house.I especially love how I can break up the house into zones and have a different set of colors and patterns for each zone. I can even break up the zone into ports which is nice with our front of house.Would highly recommend!
Shannan HoffmanShannan Hoffman
19:41 29 Dec 22
We love our Jellyfish lights! The install went well and they explained how to use the lights, they are beautiful and elegant looking. When we had an issue they were quick to come out and correct it!
Mariah WernliMariah Wernli
18:45 24 Aug 22
Love our lights! We get so many compliments on them! They were quick to come out and give us a bid. We waited a couple weeks for install but it wasn’t too bad of a wait. The installers were really awesome and so friendly. They did miss a little section so I reached out to customer service. They were here the next day and were done in 5 minutes. Awesome customer service and a good price!
Andrew Strom AdamsAndrew Strom Adams
17:55 12 May 22
Our experience with JellyFish Lighting has been incredible. Our salesman, Mitch, was great at helping us figure out what we wanted and what would look best on our house. He was very professional and made sure we were happy with the design before we purchased.Installation was easy and the install guys did a great job. Our lights look incredible and its so convenient to change the design or schedule on the app.
Nick HessNick Hess
18:45 30 Dec 21
A lot happened with this company in learning their operations. Michael and Derek we’re both very helpful in answering questions. The president made an effort to meet me and make sure everything was good to go.I provided a wiring plan and specs, they were good about making sure all was provided to Complete the job. My advice to buyers is Make sure you do a good job of going over the plans with them.I had a couple issues but Jellyfish was willing to make things right and make them right in a fast respectable fashion.I am hoping and looking forward to doing more business with this company.I am an installer in Southern Utah. Knowing a company is willing to do what’s right and go above and beyond is refreshing.
Raigon HoytRaigon Hoyt
00:46 29 Dec 21
I love decorating for the holidays and have been wanting to get permanent lighting for several years now. My hubby refuses to get on the roof so this made perfect sense to me. Though a bit pricy I love the job jellyfish did and all the custom lighting I can have, and it’s awesome for security lighting as well. I’m very happy with it and would highly recommend. It’s fun to have lighting for all the holidays and sporting events.
Mike PascoeMike Pascoe
19:22 15 Dec 21
Jellyfish lighting is the way to go if you want your house to look amazing! These lights are the real deal. So much brighter than the competitors, and they sit flush with your house so nothing sticks out. Where others give you perminent christmas lights, these are true house accent lights so the house glows instead of a dinky bulb like the others.I hade a few technical issues where the app would crash, the control box would crash, and lights would stop working. Josh came out and got everything squared away. Amazing customer service and truly knowledgeable staff.There are still a few functions I wish my lights would do, but future updates are in the works and hopefully they will be able to implement my suggestions to not only take these lights to another level, but also stay ahead of their competition and blow them out of the water. I know I do a lot more with the lights than the average user, and love that they have the capability to update their system to unlock the true potential of these lights. Love my lights! Thanks jellyfish! (sorry all my other neighbors that went with the cheaper brand. Your dim lights are no match for my brilliant glow!)
Austin WestringAustin Westring
05:02 01 Dec 21
Turned out great. I wish I could post a video on the different sequences. Pretty crazy. Hope they last like promised. But a 5 star for install in one day. They cleaned up around the house. Some debris left on the roof that I’ve seen out windows. It’s minor. Got in a hurry. But they got with me when they were done to check every light was working and in contact. I wanted them for every day accent use. Which I didn’t have any lights in my eves to begin with. Happy to use the Holliday lighting features that they already feature in the app to use for this Christmas. Made my kids happy. And I don’t have to get on the roof ever again!
Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson
19:01 02 Aug 21
Nikki and Anthony from Jellyfish Lighting just finished the installation of my lighting. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the end results, Both Nikki and Anthony where here when they said they would be, very friendly and informative. The installation blends in perfectly with my house, you can’t see them until the lights are on, I love how flexible the light settings are. I would highly recommend this company based on how professional and knowledgeable these two where.Sincerely,Brian Johnson
Mary ThorntonMary Thornton
01:26 30 Jun 21
I'm so "jelly" of my neighbors who have your lights. They just had them installed last week and one of your employees was their helping them out . I don't remember his name he had glasses shaved head with a beard. I of course had to start asking him questions about the lights. He was so nice and very well knowledgeable about them. He showed me how your app works and all the awesome features of it. He even showed what he had just made for the fourth of July for my neighbors. It looked awesome during the day but at night when they came on let's just say my neighbor's house is the talk of the neighborhood. I now want these lights. It's just convincing my husband to get them. I asked him for an estimate but he was unable to give me one on the spot due to it not being his field. but he did refer me to Ashley with her card and asked if he wanted me to have him call her for me but I told him no rush yet I have to again convince my husband. He definitely answered all my questions I had about what we could do on our house and it was such a pleasant experience just speaking with him and him talking time out to treat me like I'm the one with the lights.i can't wait to get these light!
13:20 26 Jun 21
We are LoVing our new JellyFish Lighting!!!Good Pricing, Great Sales / Service & Excellent Installation. Our interactions with JellyFish Staff was Fantastic! The Installation Crew we're Nice, Courteous & Extremely Knowledgeable / Professional.I would highly recommend JellyFish Lighting if you like Christmas Lights but hate putting them up every year... These are permanent all occasion lights that add a custom charm & curb appeal to your home for any holiday or occasion that will last for years to come!...I just can't say enough good things about our purchase!!! Thanks JellyFish!!!
Daniel ValadezDaniel Valadez
18:07 26 May 21
The Jellyfish sales person was friendly and courteous. He answered all of our questions. The installation staff were professional and did a great job. When they were done, except for the lights being up you couldn't tell they had been here. I love the way we can customize the patterns of light.
Richard LuekengaRichard Luekenga
19:31 17 May 21
These light are brighter and the programs and colors are so much better and vivid. Programs are nuts good. You can section out your to do different things. This is unbelievable. Thks so much for your expertise and service.
Dave WalkerDave Walker
20:35 29 Mar 21
We've LOVED having our lighting! I hated the thought of being on the roof for set up and take down every holiday season. Now we also change them around and use them for all holidays. All of our neighbors comment and ask about them.Relatively easy to use and their app is really well put together. They're worth 10 times what we paid for them. So happy that we took the jump and had them installed.The staff is amazing and helpful. The installer took time to educate me on the different functions so I could get the most out of the product.We've seen other brands installed, and the low profile and overall quality surpassed all others we've seen.I have told and will continue to tell people of the value and enjoyment we've got from choosing jellyfish lighting.
Jen SageJen Sage
20:13 20 Mar 21
We love our Jellyfish Lights. I love the scheduling feature so my lights come on automatically. The lights have so many awesome options that I can change to whatever I want for all the holidays. And I don't ever have to worry about who I'm going to get to hang my lights again.
Tina HowardTina Howard
17:44 25 Feb 21
Our Jellyfish lights went up during the late fall, and we could not be more pleased! The installation was expertly completed at the scheduled time. The variety of light patterns is excellent, and brief online videos are helpful in uncovering the many options. The lights brighten up the short, cold winter days, adding interest and color to long evenings. We are very glad we added them to our home.Larry and Tina Howard, Murray
Julie JohnsonJulie Johnson
04:12 24 Feb 21
Love our JellyFish lights. They were easy to work with and took care of everything. We love being able to change the colors whenever we want. No more climbing on the roof to put up lights before it snows. Highly recommend them.
Stephanie LoudStephanie Loud
00:26 24 Feb 21
Very happy with my permanent lighting. I did have an issue with a section going out, but Jellyfish sent a customer service rep to fix it. We haven’t had anymore issues. It’s fun to have lights on Halloween, Valentine’s Day, July 4th in addition to Christmas.
Salomon MartinezSalomon Martinez
22:05 18 Feb 21
Jellyfish lighting is awesome, they do magnificent work and the lighting is super fun to play with. I am so glad that I spent my money with them. Brad is an exceptional man and was way easy to work with. Next year we are going to add on to our lights. We love them. Thanks again jellyfish lighting for the exceptional job. Look forward to doing business with you again.
Lisa SchmirlerLisa Schmirler
22:14 15 Feb 21
We got Jellyfish Lighting and they were absolutely great to work with! They have been very responsive with any questions that we have had, and have been wonderful with showing us how the programs work.I love being able to customize our lights with each holiday, the kids think it is fun to pick out the designs as well! We get compliments on them all of the time also. They look so nice on the house! Definitely recommend having them installed!
17:30 12 Feb 21
The lights are amazing and I feel there's nothing you can't do with design and color. It's a bunch of fun to play with them. (The phone app is a bit clunky and has a learning curve, but it seems it's slowly improving).As far as dealing with the company, the only real issue we had was with some issues with the professionalism of the installers. I sent an email to the company detailing my complaints and I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from the CEO who had a good apology.So, overall, highly recommended if you don't mind spending a while learning the quirks of the phone app (that is if you want any level of light customization).
Syko DiverSyko Diver
01:39 12 Feb 21
Installation was fast precise and overall excellent the schedule was full but they managed to squeeze our project in amongst other jobs the same day. The lighting is fantastic should have done it years ago
Andrew LaybourneAndrew Laybourne
21:02 15 Dec 20
I had these installed a few weeks ago, prior to Thanksgiving. All I can say is WOW! From the install, to the quote, to the product themselves - everything has been absolutely fantastic.I've been asked countless times how & where I got these lights (if only JF had a referral program ;).Everything from the Holiday colors to accent lighting adds a special touch to my new home!Love the product and look forward to having fun for years to come.
James ColesJames Coles
00:00 15 Dec 20
Hey all, if you are looking to have permanent Holiday/all year round lighting on your home? Jellyfish Lighting this is a great company to use. They do a great job and guarantee their work.
Morgan DaileyMorgan Dailey
23:22 02 Dec 20
Huuuge shout out to Jake, Anthony, and Vince! They did an A+ job installing and went above and beyond at every level. They took the time to hardwire my setup so that not a single wire was exposed, and even touch-up painted a portion of my awning that had nothing to do with their install. Super professional and efficient.Seriously so impressed by the company and their employees. The end result is everything we hoped it would be! 10/10 would recommend to a friend.
Dave SmithDave Smith
13:05 20 Oct 20
The lights look awesome. The built-in patterns are really great. I'm only giving 4 stars instead of 5 for two reasons:1. The lights aim downward, so they look best when you are close to the house, looking up. It would be great if they could aim outward a little bit more, to look more like a traditional Christmas light.2. The app does not let you program your own light patterns. As a result, I can't set up white security lighting with the built-in patterns (e.g., 4 lights spaced evenly across the front of the house), because the built-in patterns create an asymmetrical spacing of the white lights that looks bad.UPDATE: As of October 2020, you can create custom light patterns. I’m keeping the rating at 4 stars because the app is literally the hardest app to use I’ve ever seen. It’s extremely unintuitive. I had to watch 4 different Jellyfish instructional videos, multiple times each, to figure out how to use it. It’s truly terrible, and I’m a software developer, so I know how to figure out how to use apps. It’s just amazing how hard to use this app is. It’s almost like they paid their developers extra money to make it difficult to use.
Thomas HarrisThomas Harris
15:09 26 Aug 20
So I have had jelly fish lights now for about 2 months. They are the talk of the neighborhood and my air bnb guest love them!The update that is coming soon will make it even better. The preset options are nice but I can’t wait for the update!Here is a pic all one color- which you don’t have too but it is the only pic I have right now!
Adam CropAdam Crop
19:18 16 Apr 20
Good product, so far works great and love the pre-set options. Wish it had more customization options so I could create my own program. Little tricky to get the white lights to be warm instead of cool white. Excited to get more programs and effects in future updates
York FitzgeraldYork Fitzgerald
22:24 04 Mar 20
I love my Jellyfish lights. Disappear in the daytime. Mood lighting at night. Outrageous and bright when I want them to be. The install process was seamless. Nice people to work with. I am ready for an app update with more options and Internet control capability.
Barre BurgonBarre Burgon
19:10 04 Mar 20
Lead time to have lights installed was over a month and a half around the holidays.First installation was not as professional as I had hoped. I made one call to Jellyfish and they sent another crew out immediately to address my concerns. The second crew was great and addressed all of my concerns and more. I love the lights and the ease of control.
Lorrie GilbertLorrie Gilbert
15:25 04 Mar 20
I have had mine for a couple years now and they look as fabulous now as they did day one!Love the many different color settings and in-between holidays I set them to white for security lighting, so awesome! Worth every penny
Max DeablerMax Deabler
20:27 13 Nov 18
These lights are so cool!
Elaine PerkinsElaine Perkins
19:08 26 Feb 24
I had a worry-free and friendly experience from the Jellyfish installation crew! I love my lights and highly recommend their product.
Natalie TuccioNatalie Tuccio
19:34 19 Feb 24
Love my lights! Very classy and elegant!
Lyle WilkesLyle Wilkes
16:04 19 Feb 24
Installation team was very professional, polite and respectful. They answered any and all questions proposed to them and had no problems with me (the home owner) watching them install the equipment, which by the way, went up quick, simple and easy. Super Team!
Doug HallDoug Hall
16:45 10 Feb 24
Installation team is very professional. Very efficient and focused on delivering a great product and service.
Rick WhitcombRick Whitcomb
19:26 22 Jan 24
These lights are great and bright. Makes the house look awesome. Install crew was professional and prompt.
Ken FlickingerKen Flickinger
19:03 25 Dec 23
Great product, great install!
Sheri WirthSheri Wirth
21:46 07 Dec 23
STAY AWAY FROM JELLYFISH!!!Install was professional and quick. However, Jellyfish is NOT a good system. Recently had them come out and set up zones as this was not done at install. I have watched lots of videos but what they say doesn't work. I have 30 lights showing in each zone which is not correct. The technician said he set up zones but nothing works. He was 2 hours early and was put out that we had to have him wait. Did not take anytime to try the design I wanted. Was a wasted call. Since it was over a year, there is no warranty. Go with newer light companies. There are many that have much better customer service, warranties, lights, and apps that are user friendly.
Ryan MelnickRyan Melnick
00:42 12 Nov 23
Quick and professional installation. Install team addressed any concerns I had, and the over process was really quick. Final product turned out better than I anticipated! If you’re on the fence, just do it. You won’t be disappointed! Thanks again!
Greg HuntGreg Hunt
22:51 03 Nov 23
We are VERY happy with our decision to purchase JellyFish Lights! We worked with Weston L and he was fantastic from start to finish. Even though our sales cycle was long (our choice), Weston kept reaching out periodically to keep our project in mind. We appreciate the follow ups from Weston.The installation was painless and was very quick. We were hoping for a fast scheduled install and it beat our expectations. We had ~280 ft of roofline and they finished the job in about 4 hours.We have not done much customizing of the lights (so many pre configured ones already) but if we wanted we totally could!JellyFish lights gives our house a nice touch on game day or any upcoming holiday! We enjoy coming home to our lights on and lighting up our house. Late evenings, we have our “security” lights on and it is perfect.We highly recommend JellyFish l Lights and Weston L.
Dawnee RaskinDawnee Raskin
02:31 02 Nov 23
The lights are pretty good when they work. The app NEVER works, and we have to call every single time we want to change the colors. Tech services has to do a reset before we can change. You also have to have an engineering mind and coding knowledge to run a custom set of colors. The pre programmed ones are ok, but the custom ones are a nightmare. For the high price of having these lights, the app needs an easier interface that actually runs when you open it.In response to Jellyfish’s response below: we followed all the directions er the email to supposedly fix the issue. It sits on “Adding to Account” and just spins. So now we don’t even have an account listed on our app.
The CrawfordThe Crawford
02:05 01 Nov 23
Pricey system that needs repairs about twice a year. They just repaired two weeks ago and an entire section is already out again. New app worked briefly, now won't even load on either of our phones. I'd look at other companies with similar product. Way overpriced to be needing frequent repairs.
Katie LennonKatie Lennon
11:39 27 Oct 23
Just wanted to say the installers did a fabulous job and they were super helpful and conscientious about their work. Their expertise was evident. The job foreman was great to work with as was the sales team. I have nothing but huge Kudos to ALL of you. A pleasant customer experience from the beginning to the end seems really hard to find now-a-days but JF has nailed it! The lights are wonderful and we love the endless possibilities. There is a bit of a learning curve but also very helpful to have so many pre-set options.THANK YOU!! 🥳🥳
Ashley PAshley P
00:18 20 Oct 23
During the install, they cut wood from the eaves of the house and never repainted it. They also put their ladder over our gate instead asking how to open it and pushed the gate opening through the other side of the fence, damaging our gate. They have said they were coming out for repairs twice, and have not shown up either time. If you’re interested in lights, I would suggest a different company.
Richard NortonRichard Norton
20:58 11 Oct 23
Wonderful technicians, very knowledgeable and nice to have qualified people doing a great installation. We love our lights. Richard Norton
Worst Friend EverWorst Friend Ever
21:08 21 Sep 23
I LOVE my Jellyfish lights! Gabe and his team did an AMAZING job. The installation was done quickly and professionally. They really went above and beyond to be detail oriented and it looks incredible!
Drew ScruggsDrew Scruggs
19:50 19 Sep 23
Pays employees a few hundred for the day but charges you 1200+ in labor don’t fall for it get a self install kit
Dr. Joshua CaraballoDr. Joshua Caraballo
18:06 04 Sep 23
Quick, efficient process with workers who were professional, courteous, respectful of our property, and communicative. The product performs very well and we are happy with our purchase! Thanks for the great experience.
Tristan JohnsonTristan Johnson
18:58 19 Aug 23
Extremely easy process and awesome experience for both of my projects! Friendly admin staff, excellent install team and overall customer service was solid on each side. Couldn't have asked for a better scenario. Thank you!
Terrie WolskiTerrie Wolski
18:18 10 Aug 23
The whole process was very easy. They came out and did some measurements, made sure that they had the correct colors and then we made 1/2 payment to get them started. Because of their popularity, it took about 3 weeks to get onto their schedule.On installation date, they arrived, were very professional and it took just about 3 1/2 hours to get it completed. They provided a quick tutorial on how to use the system, and Voila!Our neighbors love them...little jealous...but that's ok! I'm looking forward to the holidays!
Gwendolyn PetrieGwendolyn Petrie
23:52 03 Aug 23
HORRID MANAGEMENT, HORRID WORKERS. do not go to this place, there are so many better lighting places with real professional who will do a much better job. Disgusted with this establishment. Hopefully a higher up reaches out to me so i can give them names of the awful workers who were sent to my home.
James LachneyJames Lachney
21:51 27 Jul 23
James GardinerJames Gardiner
16:32 25 Jul 23
I just want to say that I have had the worse experience with Jellyfish lighting. From the very beginning it has been bad. First, I was told that I live too far away for them to come out and give me an estimate or install the product (I live about 3 hours from their Denver location). I was never told about their DIY Kits, I had to find that on my own. Then I had to locate an authorized representative, also on my own. Their representative was 40 miles away. When I contacted them they told me they do not install the lighting, but I could purchase a DIY kit. After 3 weeks of bothering them I finally had someone come out to take measurements. After that was completed it took another 4 weeks of bothering them about the estimate. Finally receiving the estimate (almost $5000), I told them to order the stuff needed. Then another 6 weeks went by before I received my order. The representative just dropped the boxes off at my house. No guidance, no help, no instructions, nothing. They were never heard from again. So, I finally was ready to install the lights. I found DIY instructions on their web site. Sorting through all the boxes on materials, I realized I did not receive the clips used for holding up the light tracks. Great!! Contacted their representative, where I purchased the materials, they said they would have to order them. This took another 6 weeks of waiting, and phone calls. And I had to go get the clips. When I received the clips I realized they were the wrong clips. But I decided to use them because I did not want to fight with them. Instructions online are very vague. To get the Controller to see my Wi-Fi I had to call a technician, who walked me through the set up. Nothing the tech told me was in the DIY Manual at all. Online instructions and videos are very vague and NOT helpful at all. I am still trying to get my lights to work. Almost a year now. UNHAPPY.
Cewa PaigetCewa Paiget
16:04 18 Jul 23
Gorgeous lights!! Best on the market!!
Jerry BrownJerry Brown
15:53 09 Jun 23
This review is ACTUALLY from Colorado Springs, Colorado NOT Utah.Positive:1: Communications with company and crews were AWESOME. They assisted with any questions or concerns.2: Office was easy to contact with concerns.3: Workmanship was very neat and clean. They ensured our yard and area was cleaned and cleared thoroughly.4: Product color and appearance is beautiful. We played with the system for hours the first night. The rails blended in with our trim color and is virtually invisible.Cons:1: Recommend having different color zip ties. They used white zip ties and some are visible on our brown gutters and siding.2: Recommend reviewing the work to be conducted upon arrival. Their was a MINOR issue with an area missed on our house and it wasn't identified till the end of the job. If it would have been reviewed before hand then maybe crews would not have had to return wasting valuable time and money. Also the second crew didn't paint the screw heads even when the paint was provided. The main office offered to have a tech return but I refused since it is only like 5 screws, a small 1 ft wire and a 5 minute job. It would be a HUGE waste of time, money, and resources to have them return all the way from Denver just for this touchup. We accepted this and will touch it up ourselves.3: The ends of the metal retaining strips on our pergola are visible. They are open and appearance wise would look better if their were caps on the ends to close them up.OVERALL:Every job has positive and negative aspects. Overall we are COMPLETELY satisfied with the work. We would RECOMMEND this product, company, and crews to anyone looking to get it done. Job well done!
JMom ForeverJMom Forever
18:05 29 Mar 23
I can’t express how happy I am with my Jellyfish lights! They look amazing and the install process was quick, efficient, and problem free.
Sonja LabrieSonja Labrie
00:58 25 Aug 22
I’d give 10 stars if I could! Everything from initial consultation to instal was smooth with great communication. The app is versatile and easy to use and the lights are fantastic! There is an endless array of colors and effects and customization , and we absolutely love them! We highly recommend this company and the lights are worth the cost 100 times over! We use the lights everyday from dusk to midnight and the energy consumption is negligible. These pics don’t do them justice- No regrets!
Becky BucherBecky Bucher
22:49 24 Aug 22
We absolutely love our Jelly Fish lighting! The app is easy to use and the lights look great! Everyone was very kind and helpful.
girum alemayehugirum alemayehu
18:51 24 Aug 22
The professionalism they showed me in the installation process was perfect. After the installation the follow up and fixing the minor problems also went well. Their customer service was great. I am happy with my jelly fish lighting. I don’t have to be on the top of my roof for every holiday decor. Money well spent. I recommend them.
Joanna IturbeJoanna Iturbe
16:20 25 Jul 22
We love our Jellyfish lighting! Everyone we worked with (from sales to scheduling to installation) was professional, communicative, prompt, and pleasant!
Amanda GrayAmanda Gray
19:29 27 Jan 22
I can’t say enough about how much we love our lights. Firstly, the installation was awesome. The installers were wonderful and meticulous. The lights have worked perfectly and been so much fun to play around with. All of our neighbors have said how much they enjoy the lights. Now that the holidays are over, we have just the security lights on, and it makes our house so nice and bright. It is honestly so worth the money. Zero regrets. And once we get our back patio done, we will have Jellyfish back out to add more lights!
16:51 01 Nov 21
So happy I decided to move forward with purchasing JellyFish. I had looked at the company's products previously but was undecided. Looking at a neighbor's house made the decision to reevaluate the product. Meeting with the salesman was a very comfortable process. He explained the entire system and how they can color match the lighting mounts to the house so it is visually invisible from a distance. The control system is easy to understand and the tutorial videos are excellent. The lights took approximately 4 weeks to build and they are built to fit YOUR house. Not a standard length that is made to work. And only a half a day for the crew to install. The lights can be zoned in desired but I chose to have one one. Everything was done before Halloween and my house looked great in the orange hue. I am already looking forward to Christmas. The system comes with plenty of preprogramed color combinations for Holidays but you can create your own programs as well. Should have done this when I originally looked at the product. I am already thinking about adding more lights! LOL
Steve GlennSteve Glenn
15:50 01 Aug 21
Finally, ordered JellyFish Lighting for my home. They look amazing, even won my wife over. The JellyFish Team was amazing, sales, scheduling and install teams, were all stellar. Four of my neighbors want them.
Sherry HarrisSherry Harris
16:00 31 Jul 21
Our experience with Jellyfish Lighting was wonderful. Everyone we interacted with were professional and friendly. They arrived on time for consultation as well as installation. The guys explained how their product works and showed us on the app how we could customize our new lights. Our neighbors have already been asking about them and we can’t wait till the next holiday so we can play around with them. Thank you for a great experience.
Dan McLeranDan McLeran
16:25 02 Jul 21
Very professional installation. My wife loves the lights. They make the house look cool. Even the plain white looks beautiful and provides a curtain of light around the house. I can’t wait to try new holiday-inspired light combinations thru the year.
Alisha Red OwlAlisha Red Owl
16:39 29 May 21
The lights look AWESOME and save us from having to use an extra high ladder during Christmas! The installation crew was super quick and very easy to work with!
00:43 07 Apr 21
After a shaky start due to an installation error - Jellyfish came through with flying colors with their customer service, even had a visit from the president of the company. Everything works like promised and will definitely recommend to our neighbors and friends. Good bye to hanging Christmas lights!!!!!
Todd MorrisTodd Morris
00:39 25 Feb 21
Anzelo, Mike & Fredy did a great job on the installation and training. Anzelo as our main contact was efficient and respectful. I could not see from the street where they had run wires to the box in the garage. The lights look great and we are excited to try out all the options.
Mike JacobsMike Jacobs
22:58 23 Feb 21
We purchased our Jellyfish system in mid-2020. At first we had some issues and were unable to reach either of the employees that we’d been working with and were unhappy with our system’s performance. After posting a that we were unhappy, the Jellyfish team let us know that there had been issues with the previous employees that had left us hanging. They sent their team out to fix all of the issues. Now the system not only works well, it has far more options than it had previously. Jellyfish did a good job righting a wrong and won a couple of fans in my wife and I.
Joanne RodriguezJoanne Rodriguez
03:58 18 Feb 21
We had our lights put up on 2/16/2021 and we LOVE them. We played with the app last night and so much fun.The Texas crew installed ours and the guys were so respectful and courteous.Very professional and there work is AMAZING.You can not tell I have lights on my house they are flushed with the trim on our house.Highly recommend!!!Thank you JELLYFISH!!!!!
15:32 16 Feb 21
We absolutely love our lighting installed by Jellyfish. Not only do I not have to go up on the roof to hang and unhang out lights but, now we have lighting year round. Every holiday and occasion is a reason for lights. We only wish we had done it sooner.
Kim MorganKim Morgan
23:28 05 Feb 21
We are happy with our lights and love the different programs, but very disappointed with the customer service. The app on our phone doesn’t work right. We have to switch between servers every time we want the lights on.
Luke came to help us and fixed our Jellyfish lights on our home. They are up and running flawlessly. In time for Halloween tomorrow. We appreciate you Luke and thank you Jellyfish for an amazing customer experience. We love the product but we chose it because of the people.
Tim FarrisTim Farris
21:55 26 Jun 20
Edited previous review. Giving Jellyfish the benefit of the doubt, but written quotes should be more specific. Recommend everyone get competitive bids from at least one competitor.
Ari LitvinAri Litvin
14:47 28 Apr 20
Wasn’t sure what to expect as I had seen ads and looked at the website. However, the end result was truly amazing. Couldn’t be happier. The lights are incredible and what they allow for is beyond any type of description. Only regret is that we didn’t install sooner.
14:45 11 Mar 20
We had our Jellyfish lights installed August of 2019 and absolutely LOVE them! Hailey and the installers were great to work with, they are awesome at what they do and the entire process was great from start to finish. Any day can literally be a holiday with these lights installed on your home. The best part is never having to deal with climbing on the roof or putting up or taking down lights ever again. The price was worth every penny and have no regrets about it at all.
Kelly GradyKelly Grady
23:46 03 Mar 20
Our neighbors are all jealous. They love them. We will never have to put up holiday lights or take them down again. We also use them for Security lighting, landscape lighting, football games, parties, & all the holidays! You can’t even see that we have lights up. They are hidden behind the gutter. They did a great job installing them, and it was a fraction of the price for professionals to put up our Christmas lights for even for one year! We control everything with our phones. Our granddaughter is obsessed with them!
Shawn MartinezShawn Martinez
19:53 03 Mar 20
We love our Jellyfish light. They make the house look more upscale, are fun around the holidays and provide great security lighting. The Jellyfish team were also amazing. Estimating, installation and follow up were very easy and done very quickly. Highly recommend the team and product.
Amy TaylorAmy Taylor
17:35 18 Sep 19
We couldn't be happier with our Jellyfish lights! Installed over the summer, we've been using the security light program, but are really looking forward to Halloween and Christmas! Install was quick, super professional and incredibly high quality. Tons of fun programs and really easy app that allows you to customize programs, colors and timer options. So impressive!
Jeff CannellaJeff Cannella
21:09 14 Aug 19
We just got our lights, front and back, installed and they are amazing!! We love the nighttime security lighting we get, plus being able to have Broncos colors during games. Christmas will be amazing as I wont have to hang lights ever again!! The crew was amazing as well and even used touch up paint to fix any install scratches. Highly recommend these lights, they are worth it!!
16:54 26 Feb 24
After exchanging photos of my house and emails, we finally had an appointment for representative, James Cox to come out to discuss lights for the house and additional projects on Saturday. He was a no show. I messaged him to see if he was coming out, to which he never replied. I followed back up, and never got a response. It is very telling of a company when their sales person no call/ no show for an appointment, but even more telling to not even reach out to apologize for wasting your Saturday morning. I'd recommend using anyone except this company. After reading some of the reviews, James being an irresponsible employee may have been a blessing.
Russell RRussell R
18:49 21 Feb 24
Got the lights installed, but good luck getting any support. Left multiple messages over last 3 months to have control center fixed but no a single call back nor email returned. So now I’ve pad too much money for a system that doesn’t work and not help from them.
Zoom ZoomZoom Zoom
19:58 18 Feb 24
I got these lights installed in Nov, 2023. This company refused to come out to my house and give an estimate. They asked me to send them photos of my house and they ‘estimated’ based on those photos. The salesman said that I’ll need about 230 feet of lighting which will come to about 310 lights. I told the salesman that his estimate seems high. He told me that this is just an ‘estimate’. He said they estimate little higher, but once the lights are installed, they will know exactly how many lights are installed and they will only charge me for the number of lights installed. I agreed to that. He asked me to pay 50% deposit so he can get me an installation date. I made the payment by credit card, and we agreed on an installation date. When my installation was done, the installer told me the total lights installed at my house were 213. That’s also the count that shows on my app. The very next morning they charged my credit card for the remaining 50% of the ‘estimate’. First, they did not send me an invoice, second, they charged my credit card without informing me or asking me. This also shows that they saved my credit card information when I paid the deposit, without asking me or informing me that they are doing so. I sent an email to the salesman right away, saying my credit card was charged about 30% more than what they should have charged. He said he will talk to the install manager and will get back to me. It’s been 3 months, and he did not get back to me yet. He was responding before I signed the contract, but he disappeared after the installation. Till today this company has not sent me the invoice and have not returned the 30% extra that they charged me.I have also read other reviews where they have charged other customers based on ‘estimate’, so I get this is how this company does business. A lot of times customers might not even realize that this company has overcharged them. This is probably why they ‘estimate’ higher. Also, the lights are not that bright. The app is very confusing and difficult to program the lights or create schedules. It has 2 Star rating on Google Play Store. Two of the lights failed in first 2 weeks, so I am not sure about the durability of these lights. Just want to let others know what my experience was with this company. For me, these lights are not worth the money.
Jabbo Knows BoxingJabbo Knows Boxing
20:16 11 Jan 24
Tried feverously to make a payment to this company; none of my credit card companies would allow the payment to go through (kept coming up as "FRAUDULENT MERCHANT"(or something to that effect). Reached out to one of my banks as well as the JellyFish representative who informed me that 'we were good" and that the payment had went through. One week after new years, starting getting calls saying that the other half of the payment never went through and that they were about to put a LIEN on my house. Ended up taking a check to the Carrollton office to secure a receipt. Like the lights, but other practices very concerning
Horacio AldueyHoracio Alduey
23:33 08 Jan 24
Excellent place, excellent service, fascinated with this visit. It's definitely worth repeating.
Mary Claire StewardMary Claire Steward
19:43 05 Jan 24
Love our lights!!
Derick DeleoDerick Deleo
19:14 01 Jan 24
I love our Jellyfish lights. I’ve already created patterns for our favorite teams and New Years Eve pattern too. The install team was very professional and cleaned up any scraps.
Marni CoffeyMarni Coffey
20:07 22 Dec 23
We requested information and got an email that same night. We had an estimate a few minutes later! We decided to put down our deposit on our front roof line on the phone with Ryan, who was so great. We love our lights! The crew showed up exactly when they were supposed to and did a fantastic job. There are so instructional videos on the Jellyfish Lighting YouTube channel that we barely needed any help setting up. We're sold! We're going to do the rest of our roof line on the sides and back of the house, and we're looking into their landscape lighting. If you're trying to decide, just do it. We're just sorry we didn't do it sooner.
Raymond PeredoRaymond Peredo
01:10 06 Dec 23
Tried multiple times to get a quote with no luck. Received two emails asking if I was still interested in the lights but still nothing. I’ll take my business elsewhere.
Gadget Girl RetiresGadget Girl Retires
19:34 30 Nov 23
We had had a wonderful experience with Jellyfish Lighting. Our sales rep Rob Held is outstanding. Our installation was ahead of schedule & the installers did a great job. We love our new lights!
Jason LadewigJason Ladewig
17:11 29 Nov 23
The process from initial call to install went very well. I’m glad we went with Jellyfish.
Jeff JonesJeff Jones
20:39 14 Nov 23
[UPDATE] The repair crew arrived today for warranty repair and moved the controller away from the irrigation controller which was causing interference and the performance of the Jelly lights has already improved. They also checked the entire light string for loose crimps and any accidental mounting screw piercing of electrical/control lines. The techs found a loose crimp with a few frayed copper strands on the communication lines that were touching the grounded lighting rail which may have contributed to the electrical issues and erratic behavior. Our system is only a month old, but the techs also found our installed controller was missing a number of software updates which they took care of as well. Due to such a thorough job of inspecting the wiring, light strings, connections etc, I'm raising my evaluation by another star for taking care of us. Thanks JellyFish. 😀[ORIGINAL POST] The sales and installation of the Jellyfish lights was easy and smooth. However, the owner's manual is in drastic need of upgrade to include examples. The current owners manual is very short and leaves one guessing on how to use Zones, for example. My email to Customer Support asking for more information and help was never answered. On line videos address the basics but don't really show you how to get the most of the system's capabilities.A couple weeks after install, I had hardware issues as well. The install team mounted the JellyFish controller box next to my irrigation system controller because of close proximity to a power plug. But apparently, the JellyFish controller is very sensitive to electrical or radio interference from the irrigation controller and would either crash needing a power on/off to reset or the JellyFish controller will go wild sending random pulsing colors and patterns to the light strings also needing a power on/off to reset. I never expected an issue of this sort. For me, this makes the lights almost unusable for holiday lighting and a violation of my HOA rules due to the uncontrolled flashing colors. I called JellyFish customer service to come back and relocate the controller box and was told I'd have to wait over 2 weeks for service due to other installs.So for very limited documentation and examples, no training after install, and the hardware issues I've encountered, the most I can give is 3-star.
Ali NewNewAli NewNew
16:03 06 Nov 23
I absolutely love my lights. Great service and product.
Val Olali (RedLizzy)Val Olali (RedLizzy)
03:23 04 Nov 23
Yeah they are pricey AF but worth every penny. Clean installation. Very cool concept with router and on cloud controlled from the phone.
John VaethJohn Vaeth
14:00 27 Oct 23
I want to thank Brian Cole for fixing an issue that he never has seen before with his many years with the company. He replaced the wiring and controller and had everything up and running in 30mins. We were the first family in our neighborhood over 4yrs ago to install JellyFish Lighting, now everyone has it. The company has been wonderful to work with and the follow-up customer service has been great. If you ever need someone to fix your lighting I hope it is Brian who shows up at your door. Happy holidays and I can't wait to turn on my lightning tonight!
Mike BlueMike Blue
21:26 24 Oct 23
Jellyfish Team nailed it from start to finish. Easy to work with sales team. And install team as well. Started at 8 AM and done by 12 PM (140 ft fascia). Glad I went with the certified install instead DIY. Saved me 1 or 2 weekends of work. Definitely recommend.
Wil PoteateWil Poteate
22:47 23 Oct 23
Scott DubrishScott Dubrish
21:16 18 Oct 23
Best choice ever! Not only are there custom settings for every Holiday/Event of the year, but I’m no longer paying for other lightning throughout the year. Security lights when you don’t want to display colors throughout the seasons too! Best choice ever.
Paul CasarezPaul Casarez
18:09 18 Oct 23
The service is outstanding. I purchased this for my parents house and they love it. I plan to get this also for my brother's house, they just don't know yet, ssshhh. Highly recommend them. Very friendly.
Brandon NicolosiBrandon Nicolosi
18:13 16 Oct 23
Great experience from initial contact through install. System is very easy to use.
18:15 13 Oct 23
Love my Jellyfish Lighting!This is so cool and all the neighbors stop by and compliment the lights.Thanks again guys! Love em!
Rosemary WalkerRosemary Walker
16:59 13 Oct 23
Great process and very satisfied from the initial sales to the final installation. The lighting is very bright and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend JellyFish.
Jason ConklinJason Conklin
02:01 07 Oct 23
Ian was fantastic from the moment he began his estimate until the installation was completed. The installers were top notch and any issues are easily resolved with a manual or quick phone call.
kahg kahnkahg kahn
18:43 05 Oct 23
The first person gave a bid that was only by looking at our house on Google. Peaks of the roof were omitted, so when he came out the bid was higher. Not a huge deal, but after everything else, the issues seem to add up. It was raining the day the installers showed up, and understandably they couldn’t install. They did reschedule to that weekend, even though we said we had plans, they told us that was the only time they could get us in. The installers damaged two newly placed gutters by leaning their ladders against them while installing. A few days later the App stopped working. We followed all online instructions and it wasn’t fixed. We spoke to customer service who told us we needed a new control panel. Without warning, we received a call on that Thursday that there was a repair person at our house to repair the gutters and replace the control panel. The person who arrived told my husband that we were using the wrong app (we were using the app the installers told us to use). The repair tech told us he was never told we needed a new control panel and he was only there to see the damaged gutters. After many messages thru Facebook, we got a repair person to the house who said the second app was wrong and we were supposed to use the first app, but the settings were wrong. He also didn’t fix the gutters and said they don’t fix them, but they they will reimburse if we get them fixed. This person also tried to sell us landscaping lights even though we couldn’t get the other lights to work. (We haven’t yet, as we have an appt next week to get them looked at). The lights seem to be working now, but it was a painful process. They look nice the way they were installed, and if they continue working, I’ll be very happy with them minus the headache of the original install. Whoever manages the Jellyfish Facebook page seems concerned and responsive. The regional office had poor communication skills. I think the product is good if you can work out communicating issues.
Shane TuckerShane Tucker
02:30 05 Oct 23
Oscar GuadaOscar Guada
18:27 16 Sep 23
Chris HaganChris Hagan
14:15 15 Sep 23
Love these lights and we haven't even got to play with them all that much. My life got easier because I don't have to hang lights.
Ashley ZunigaAshley Zuniga
15:14 02 Sep 23
My spouse and me are very happy with the customer service from start to finish and obviously with the product itself!!! Definitely a show stopper!!! Our neighbors love them too! Thank you so much Ryan Bartholomew for everything sir!
Frank EllisonFrank Ellison
18:07 30 Aug 23
We love the JellyFish lights. Gives our backyard additional lighting and allows us to change up the color schemes to fit the occasion when we host friends.
Victor RizzoVictor Rizzo
18:06 14 Aug 23
Fantastic service. The lights are beautiful. Professional installation.
LaCretia MackLaCretia Mack
14:43 08 Aug 23
I have always seen these lights on other houses and was jealous cause they can choose any color on any day and every holiday. Now, I have them on my house and everyone else can be jealous. Love the lights!
Joe B.Joe B.
23:29 26 Jul 23
Had the installation team start at 8 and finished up about 1. The installation crew showed me how the system works and there's so many options with the app to learn! Glad I was able to get the jellyfish installed and at a reasonable price! Thanks to everyone at jellyfish!
Jacob LittlejohnJacob Littlejohn
02:57 02 Jul 23
The installation of Jellyfish lighting was extremely professional and seamless. The lights look absolutely stunning and add a mesmerizing ambiance to any space. Highly recommend their services for a flawless and visually appealing lighting solution.
Tawnya ZellerTawnya Zeller
23:17 12 Apr 23
Been having a lot of fun changing the lights for the season. So many different features and functions. The green picture is showing the running or worm function. The last one, red and white, also is a movement setting.
Steve RoachSteve Roach
19:45 12 Apr 23
We are enjoying our JellyFish lighting. The neighbors are amazed. With so many color and movement combinations, your home can be decorated with lights every day.
Larry SmithLarry Smith
21:44 22 Feb 23
Would have been a five star rating if I didn’t have to call them back out to reroute the leads from the control box. The lighting system is great. The control app is easy to use and comes with many predefined color and effects packages.
Tyler OwnbyTyler Ownby
19:54 25 Jan 23
Amazing company and product. So easy to work with and love the outcome. Have it setup to run every 3rd LED for daily accent lights but can no light up the house for every holiday in every color and light mode imaginable. Great product and highly recommend.
Joseph BarkerJoseph Barker
00:46 31 Dec 22
I had a wonderful experience with Jellyfish lighting. They came out exactly when promised and installed our lights within a few hours. They did all of their preliminary work without me even needing to be home. This is a game changer and I am sorry I didn’t install them sooner. You cannot even notice them from the street. As an added bonus we won the neighborhood light judging contest!
Phil OsbornPhil Osborn
23:12 28 Aug 22
Jellyfish lighting is a great product. I have had the lights for two years and hav had no issues.No more need to put up Christmas lights they are already there! I use mine for every holiday using the preset patterns.I also have a custom “accent” pattern that I have set to go on at sunset and off at sunrise. You can do almost anything with the app to highlight your home and landscaping. Well worth the investment
Jeff WhitleyJeff Whitley
19:26 24 Aug 22
GREAT product. Great office people. Terrible sales guy. Make sure to count your footage at the end and have a price per foot. They (sales guy) were off by over $800.00 and did the same to my sister. If you can stay on top of that I would recommend because JellyFish is superior to competitors with their controller and app.
Debbie GilbertDebbie Gilbert
21:00 06 Aug 22
I purchased Jellyfish lights for accent lighting, security and of course holidays. The colors and patterns available are endless and they look amazing. Installation took 4 hours and they did a great job.
Jennifer ReedJennifer Reed
01:08 13 Jul 22
We are so thrilled with our JellyFish Lighting! We use it for accent lighting during the week and change it to colors on the weekend. Holidays & party's will never be the same again. They were quick & polite when they installed the lights. I highly recommend them to anyone. We are NEVER climbing on the roof again lights. Thanks
Alex ReyesAlex Reyes
14:54 30 May 22
Our community has many many homes running JellyFish lighting. We set our sights on getting them even before our house was done being built. I love the options it has and how bright they are. They really do make our house pop at night! Someone here has a competitor light and it just doesn’t compare. Jellyfish all the way!
Mike SkaggsMike Skaggs
00:19 22 May 21
Absolutely worth every penny. People don't realize you can use these EVERY DAY for accent lighting. And, EVERY HOLIDAY can be special. You never have to get on a ladder to hang or take down Christmas lights again. One deductible from a fall off a ladder will more than pay for Jellyfish Lighting. You will be the envy of the neighborhood. The customer service is excellent, the app is excellent and you will be looking at Google for the next holiday to celebrate that you never celebrated before. Sadly, a week after I got them a Police Officer was killed. You can show you support for our Officers too.
13:48 18 May 21
Excellent product and excellent, professional staff. Lights are invisible from the street when off, and virtually invisible up close when off because of the way they are integrated into the eves of my home. The software is very intuitive, and almost infinitely variable. JellyFish Lighting went out of the way to help me with every aspect of ownership. I highly recommend this product and this company.
Jeremy VleerJeremy Vleer
21:58 17 May 21
Absolutely love the lighting from these guys. I will never have to climb on my roof or store lights in the attic anymore. Recommend this to anyone looking for outdoor lighting for any season or reason
Jason BarrettJason Barrett
21:58 08 Mar 21
Great team, quality lights. My family and I have loved our new system for about 5 months now. The team came out quickly and did a fantastic job. The lights look great and love all of the options. The one time we had an issue they responded immediately and were able to fix the problem. No problems since.
Mark HendrickMark Hendrick
16:46 27 Feb 21
The experience of working with the JellyFish DFW team was very good from start to finish. Rhett (sales) and the install team were professional throughout the process. Our project looks amazing! The app interface could be a little more intuitive, but it does not take long to learn it. This system can pretty much do anything you can come up with. Neighbors down the street finally removed their holiday lights (late Feb.) So glad we do not have to.Highly recommend.
Ji HwangJi Hwang
03:07 05 Feb 21
We just got our lights installed and LOVE them! The crew that came to do the install were great and it took less than half a day for them to finish. My kids love seeing all the different light pattern options and we're using them nightly for extra security lights.
Robert ClaytonRobert Clayton
23:06 15 Jan 21
I heard about Jellyfish lighting on 105.3 The Fan out of Dallas. I looked them up on their website and saw videos there and on youtube. It looked really cool and thought it would give our new business location a pop of color. They came out and gave us a quote and when install time came it went exactly as was promised. The lights are very bright and people in the community love seeing the lights change with the Holidays or sports seasons! The interface and app work great and is very simple to change through the seemingly endless color options. This is a must if you want to attract attention to your business location! This will also double as down lighting or Christmas lights among other uses. You wont regret getting a quote!
Brian HendrixBrian Hendrix
21:38 15 Jan 21
JellyFish Lighting is absolutely amazing on my house. The lighting combinations and colors are extraordinary. I had my lighting installed just before Thanksgiving, and was more than impressed. The lights are beautiful, and the phone application made getting the extract patterns and colors extremely easy. I had an absolutely beautiful exterior lighting for the holidays, with dozens of compliments from neighbors and drivers that stopped to ask questions.The Jellyfish Lighting team was extremely professional and honest from the very start. They were professional and met with me and laid out the cost, timing, and expectations and held to them exactly. They answered every question and offered complete transparency. Not having hidden fees or final costs beyond the initial estimates was just more evidence of their professionalism. They arrived on time and were done in a few hours.The lights are perfectly matched to my house and completely invisible from the street when turned off. Just can't say enough how happy I am. I will have permanent lighting for years to come, designed and ready for every holiday.
Glen FowlerGlen Fowler
17:26 23 Dec 20
Jellyfish lighting is really awesome. They did a great job with a professional install. The lighting is great because it serves as white security lighting year round, and the millions of color options and patterns are awesome for holidays, sporting events and special occasions.
Sedrick ByrdSedrick Byrd
17:23 23 Dec 20
My entire experience with this company was outstanding. Very fast service with an abundance of professionalism. The team that installed my lights were awesome. Alex explained the installation process and gave me detailed updates on their progress. I’m very happy with the service.
Rolanda PattonRolanda Patton
17:22 23 Dec 20
Jellyfish Lighting is a dream come true!! The team that installed the lights on our house were professional and quick.We have had people stop at our house at night and ask us where we got our lights. I hand them your flyer. We love our lights and highly recommended them to anyone.
Kelly RosemannKelly Rosemann
17:14 23 Dec 20
We love our lights. They’re functional as well as beautiful and fun. Thank you JellyFish Lighting!!!
Nancy HNancy H
20:12 12 Nov 20
Highly recommend JellyFish Lighting! Professional install, solid sales process and follow up. Their apps allow complete operation from your phone and helpful online videos allows for enhanced customization. JellyFish has set a new standard for exterior lighting.
Travis BusinessTravis Business
19:50 19 Sep 20
WOW, a total class act! From sales, to install, to management... a true 10/10 company!
Lex PolitzLex Politz
16:35 04 Aug 20
Wanted to go to Vegas for my Birthday, Corona Virus cancelled that trip, spent my gambling money on a new roof and Jellyfish lights. My roof took one day to get installed, they Jellyfish lights took 2 days for a 4 man crew, they did an excellent job, very detailed and exceeded my expectations. Consider the fact they installed the lights on some of the hottest days of July. My daughter in law came over the night the installation was finished with her friends and family to "test them out" the kids( 6 to 9) were jumping up down with excitement and smiles as we watched the 64 preprogramed light shows. My Computer Engineer son turned from being critical to endorsement. Their friends claim to also want them on their home.Since I'm forbidden by my wife to climb ladders, not enough life insurance, I no long have to pay my guy to install rooftop lights. Can't wait for the holidays to show off my lights at the push of an app on my iPhone. Also my neighborhood is so dark at night I consider them all year security lighting.
Stacy WallerStacy Waller
16:22 29 Jul 20
Amazing! The entire process of having these amazing lights installed has been seamless! I am having so much playing with my new lights! Between all the preset programs and the ability to create custom settings, there are unlimited combinations. I cannot wait until the Christmas season when all I have to do is press a button and my Christmas lights are ready to go - and I can change them to a new color whenever I want. This is PERFECT!
Cary UrquhartCary Urquhart
14:21 14 Jul 20
Jellyfish did an awesome job on our house me and my wife love it.
Jeff BassJeff Bass
19:17 09 Jul 20
Lights look great. Professional installation. Good price. It's been a month since install and we are happy with everything. Lots of compliments from neighbors too.
Will McGrawWill McGraw
18:49 08 Jul 20
I was worried that most of houses shown in the videos had siding while my house had dark stone (Oklahoma Blend). I will tell you that I was blown away when turned on and how much light it puts out. Dark stone did not wash out the lights and looked great. I actually had to dim the security lighting program to 50%. If your thinking of doing doing this, you will not be disappointed. Only had for one night as my install was the first install for the new crew in the area. Can't wait for next holiday to show off the lights. Just missed the July 4th celebration but turned them on anyway being a few days late. Great installation, looks and blends with house perfectly. I would give you another Star if I could. Thanks JellyFish.
Rusty SandiferRusty Sandifer
14:29 08 Jun 20
We had them installed on our house and absolutely love the lights and the ability to change for special times and holidays. Amazed by how much light and and how nice they look on the house. We would recommend them all night long.
Bill JahnsenBill Jahnsen
17:51 30 Jan 24
Love my lights. Everyone ask where did you get them. Cannot even see them when they are off unless you are looking for them. Use as security lights around the house every night. So many variables to choose from. Great customer service.
dayz Afterdayz After
05:24 22 Nov 23
Love my lighting.
Kathy MillsKathy Mills
19:30 20 Nov 23
Bryan BuiBryan Bui
18:23 16 Nov 23
Lorie CardoniLorie Cardoni
17:38 04 Nov 23
We are loving our versatile security lights and our neighbors give us a lot of compliments. We have had some fun using them to cheer on our favorite sports team, Halloween and now Thanksgiving. The app is easy to use.
Lloyd RiggsLloyd Riggs
18:05 26 Oct 23
I absolutely love these lights.
Danial BeckDanial Beck
18:24 10 Oct 23
Bought Jellyfish lighting about 16 months ago and I am so glad I did! It has changed the outlook to our whole house and created an atmosphere around the property. Things to note about the product though:a) Full warranty is only for 1 year. There is a 3 year parts warranty. Call out charges and labor will be applicable after the first year and good luck after the third year. For such a product and investment, I would like to see the warranty extend just a little longer. It inspires confidence that the company stands by its product. An extended warranty option would also be welcomed, as well as being a money earner for Jellyfish.b) I don't know about anyone else, but every time there is an electrical storm, I need to go up to the attic to reset the controller. It just no longer responds to the app. I have other sensitive equipment in the house that do not fail the way the controller does. Having had enough of this, I put a electronics surge protector to the controller and let us see what happens.c) The company claims thousands of different colors which is true. But as with any product offering thousands of colors in their products, their *discernable* colors are a lot less. Don't expect miracles.
Amanda ChavisAmanda Chavis
23:46 02 Oct 23
Absolutely thrilled with the permanent holiday light installation provided by this company! The entire process was seamless from start to finish. The team was incredibly professional, punctual, and detail-oriented. They transformed our home and exceeding our expectations. The lights are not only stunning but also energy-efficient, making our holiday celebrations both magical and eco-friendly. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a hassle-free and breathtaking holiday light installation. Thank you for making our home shine brightly all year long! ✨
Ricky SmithRicky Smith
01:10 23 Sep 23
Had the lights installed for over two weeks and so far have been more than expected. Love how many personal settings you can create and also controlling the brightness. Install went smoothly and I'm very happy with this and no more ladders for Christmas!!
Travis hackingTravis hacking
20:26 06 Sep 23
I absolutely love my lights. The customer service was awesome. They make the entire process simple from beginning to end. Would recommend to anyone.
Darla GuerraDarla Guerra
11:14 29 Aug 23
Love, love the lights!! This was something I researched for awhile a d really wanted to do...but wasnt sure how legite everything was. Found out I had two friends who had them at their house and love them, so I took the leap. I have NOT regretted it for one second. The lights are beyond cool and easy to figure out. Tutorials are great and easy to follow. Highly recommend the lights!! If you are considering it, go for it, you won't regret it!!
League City TruckingLeague City Trucking
20:39 23 Aug 23
We’ve been happy with our installation and even had a light burn out about a year after the install. I sent a text and was put in contact with the Houston branch right away. Actually, I received a call the very next day to set up an appt. Two days later the technician came out and replaced the bulb. Took about 15 minutes. I also received a follow up welfare text to check on the completion of the work. I would hire these guys again. Great company with a solid customer service and warranty. That’s hard to find these days.
Sundar ChinnarajSundar Chinnaraj
23:17 20 Jul 23
Very knowledgeable team. Happy with installation. No need to worry about buying Christmas lights every year. Hundreds of patterns with several combinations.
Kimberly WashamKimberly Washam
16:50 20 Jul 23
We LOVE our Jellyfish lights! The install was perfect, they cannot be seen AT ALL during the day. We have a VERY picky HOA, if you could see these on the house, we would get written up constantly, but they are PERFECT. Our house is festive for EVERY holiday and sporting events/birthdays. We even use them daily as security lighting. This has more than paid for itself.
Vivian LongoriaVivian Longoria
18:15 26 Jun 23
I truly enjoy my JellyFish lights. I've seen folks in my neighborhood putting lights on, but they do not change colors. Well mine does and to have every holiday theme makes my home very unique. Bring on the Holidays, Im ready and I do not need a ladder anymore.
Fred GabyFred Gaby
17:51 12 Apr 23
Jellyfish Lightning did the installation on my house yesterday. They were extremely professional and they did a great job. Still need to practice with their Apps but we are extremely satisfied by the result and the fact that we can monitor everything from our phone.
Sean AdamsSean Adams
15:16 16 Mar 23
Exposed wires everywhere and color didn’t match at all like it was suppose to. They had come by 3 different times and took pictures and said they would fix it but never have. It’s been 2 full months now. Now they are saying my wife turned them away last time they came which is a lie. I got full camera and audio saying that was the opposite of what happened. They just don’t stand by their work and the customer service is terrible.
mukesh mehtamukesh mehta
01:20 13 Mar 23
Very good service and very colorful lighting for every occasion and best thing is that you don’t have to remove after Christmas.
Ryan KunefkeRyan Kunefke
19:14 18 Jan 23
Jellyfish Lighting was an amazing group to work with starting with sales to training by the technicians after turnover of the lights. The mobile platform is extensive but very easy to operate. Great organization and product!!! I would highly recommend!
Morne StramroodMorne Stramrood
20:35 27 Nov 22
I had been on the fence about installing a permanent outdoor lighting system on the eves of my house. I wanted the extra accent lighting, however I also wanted more. In steps Jellyfish Lighting, and after completing an online form, I was contacted by Marcos. He was very professional, knowledgeable on the product and understood the value of a quality installation. He worked with me to explain what the product was capable of doing and how the crew would handle the installation. He stayed in touch before, during and after the installation.The installation crew said they would be arriving early on Saturday morning, because a few days earlier my installation got rained out. The installation crew got right to work, finished it fast, but not rushed, site was left clean and I was given training on the system and how to use the app on my iPhone.Thank you Marcos and Jellyfish lighting for the great service and fantastic product.
kelli laydenkelli layden
17:14 16 Nov 22
Highly recommend JellyFish lighting!! From the time I made an inquiry to installation, the process was super easy and quick. The salesman, Marcos, did an above and beyond job. He was very helpful and did everything in a timely manner. The installation was a breeze as well, only took them a few hours. I love the fun part of the lights and the security part all in one.
Jinesh Shaji GeorgeJinesh Shaji George
01:40 13 Nov 22
It was a smooth experience working with Marcos in getting JellyFish lights installed at our house in Houston! Installation was super quick and professional. We are happy with the lights, completely customized and automated.
Alex MartinezAlex Martinez
19:03 12 Nov 22
Had a great experience meeting Marcos with JellyFish Lighting. I had previously received cheaper quotes from others and was not very impressed with their product or efforts to say the least, so let’s just say I was hesitant to go through with this installation. But Marcos was very persistent and when I realized how honest he was, it definitely eased my mind to finally get it done. I’m glad I did, I love them!!So far other than a few minor cosmetic details that I need to contact them about, I’m shocked how awesome JellyFish Lighting lights are!!Thank you very much Marcos & JellyFish Lighting for everything!!!A+++ Recommendation
Mark RichardsMark Richards
22:31 12 Oct 22
Their installers and customer service was really good. The color of my track on my house was completely wrong. The technician made a phone call and had the correct color track within an hour and a half. Unfortunately, a drill fell from the second story and shattered one of my coach lights. I am in the process of them paying for my coach light. My feeling is accidents happen, they owned the situation and will make it right. The installers were super tired and hot when they finished my house, they had another home to install at the end of the day. Jelly Fish was nice enough to send another technician out to show me the proper way to operate the system in about a week later. He satisfied with how they treated me, well worth the money I spent.
Alison WilliamsAlison Williams
02:20 15 Sep 22
Exceptional customer service from start to finish and the lights look amazing! The first night they were on we had neighbors stop us to ask how they could get a quote too. Installation was so simple and clearly explained. If only all home improvements were this easy...
15:27 05 Sep 22
I had a great experience with JellyFish Lighting. I moved here from Denver, CO and JellyFish Lighting are really popular there. When I moved to Fulshear, I was pleasantly surprised that they installed here too. The staff are professional and do good work.
Andrew CreelAndrew Creel
22:26 08 Aug 22