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What does an outdoor lighting company offer?

Outdoor lighting companies offer a range of products, including deck lights, porch lights, landscape lighting, security lights, accent lights, and several other options. Some companies also offer indoor lighting systems as well as outdoor, but some are exclusively outdoor lighting installations.

Most landscape lighting companies will come to survey your property and give you a free estimate so you can weigh your options for how much you’ll be spending on your lights. Depending on the size of your property and the quality of the company you go with, be prepared to spend up to a few thousand dollars on the lights. Once you add up the lights themselves, the wiring, and the work it takes to install whether it’s digging housings for each light, or carefully measuring and covering wires to make it look good, it gets a bit pricey.

What types of lights are there for exterior and landscape lighting?

You could take many paths when choosing outdoor lighting for your property. Security lights keep your property lit at night to provide more visibility. Outdoor wall lights are great for patios and porches. You can mount a small light on the wall to give soft lighting for the immediate area. Soffit lights go into the ceiling and provide a strong downlight. Recessed lights can provide clear, even light to an area, making them great for porches and decks where you need good lighting after dark. Soffit lights also can be used on walls for accent or security lighting. 

Landscape lighting is lighting that draws attention to and highlights your landscaping and parts of your house. This can include path lights, spotlights, and floodlights.

Path lights are small, often on stakes, placed along the edge of a path, garden, or yard to light it up and help it be more visible in the dark. Spotlights are lights that have a concentrated beam that points in one direction to highlight something. Flood lights have a wide, diffused beam covering a larger area. Floodlights are often used for security lighting as well as landscape lighting. 

Security lighting is one of the biggest reasons people get outdoor lighting. Safety is paramount, and having good lights in your yard and house goes a long way in deterring potential burglars and vandals. If someone does try to break into your house, you can see them better and have more time to alert the police and prepare to handle the situation.

Floodlights are not just popular for landscape lighting—they are also often used for security lights because they can light up a large area of the yard/house with just one light. Many security systems are also on a timer so you don’t have to remember to turn them on and off.

Another popular security light is motion-sensor lights that will only turn on if something moves in your yard. Motion-sensor lights will attract more attention when they turn on, making them effective for security lights.

Permanent landscape lighting or exterior home lighting can double as security lighting. If you get colored-changing LEDs (like JellyFish Lighting offers), you can convert your accent lights into holiday lights, game day lights, or security lights after you go to bed.

How much does outdoor lighting installation cost? What about repairs?

Landscape lighting installation costs can vary depending on the situation and the company, but the national average is around $4,000. A smaller landscape lighting project would cost around $2,000, and a bigger one would cost $6,000+.

Remodel lights, or adding lights into an existing landscape, will cost more than installing landscape lighting into a new, empty landscape. The contractors will have to go around plants and structures that are fixed, which makes their job of installing the lights harder.

Pathway lights usually cost around $100 per light for installation. Porchlights and floodlights both typically cost around $160. Downlights and uplights both cost about $250. Outdoor security light averages around $400.

Why should I hire a professional outdoor lighting company?

Installing lights, especially around landscaping, can be tricky. Outdoor lighting requires a lot of digging trenches for the wiring and covering them correctly. You wouldn’t want to risk putting the wiring in incorrectly and messing it up. While you may eventually get it right, hiring a professional company will save you time and improve your job.

A professional landscape lighting company will not only know the best way to install your lights for you, but they will also have high-quality materials to use. They will know the best lights to use, where to put them, and will have good tools to use to put them in. It will be more expensive than doing it yourself, but the expert opinion goes a long way in making the lights look good. 

Hiring an outdoor lighting company will ensure that you get high-quality lights installed correctly much quicker than you would be able to do on your own. They will also be able to tell you where the best placement is for the lights. They know the lights’ capabilities, where they will look the best, and how far apart they need to be spaced to look the best. It’s also a good idea to leave electrical work to professionals, who know how to safely handle the lights.

What should I look for when hiring a professional lighting company?

There are a few things to be on the lookout for when looking into lighting companies to hire. You don’t want to be scammed or ripped off, so here are some good signs that a company is legit:

Quality materials and tools

A good lighting company will provide good materials and tools—not just for the electronics and LED bulbs, but also for the materials they use to install the lighting system. Using quality materials shows that their installations will last a long time. It also shows that they have the money to run a good business. If a company is using cheap materials and tools, your installation will fall apart sooner and won’t operate as well while it does work.

Clear prices and estimates

A good company will be upfront and clear about what they charge for their service. They should have accurate estimates when they look at your house so that you actually pay what you were prepared to. Hidden fees are a bad sign, you want honesty from the people taking your money.

Custom lighting designs

A good company will also work with you to create a lighting system that works for your home. If they only offer set templates that they aren’t willing to change, they might not be as good of a company.

Good reviews and photos

A good sign of a legit company is lots of good reviews from customers and pictures of their work displayed on their website. This proof of good service in the past is an indicator of a good business. If there are lots of bad reviews, or only a few reviews, take it as a sign that other people have not had good experiences with this company.

Helpful communication

A good company should answer all of your questions clearly. They should be friendly and engaging and honest about how much it will cost and how long it will take. Vague answers that don’t really address your concerns are a major red flag. If a company is operating honestly and does good work, they will have no issue in talking and negotiating with you on prices and giving you an honest estimate with the best plan for you.


Having a good warranty conveys confidence in your work. If a company offers a warranty on its product, it means they know it will last longer than that, and if it doesn’t, they are willing to address the mistakes made and fix them for you. But if a company offers a warranty on their product, it means they’re confident that it will last that long. (Which is why JellyFish Lighting offers a 3-year parts warranty and a 1-year labor warranty!)

How can JellyFish Lighting help me? What is special about their service?

JellyFish Lighting is an outdoor lighting company that offers permanent outdoor landscape lighting for your home exterior. The color-changing LEDs are programmable, so you can adjust your lighting design to any occasion: security lighting, accent lights, holidays, game days, birthdays—you name it! Our experts will give you a free quote for installing a customizable outdoor lighting system on your home, so you can set up your light design to reflect the occasion.

Where is JellyFish Lighting located? 

JellyFish Lighting has office locations throughout the united states to service to many states. You can contact JellyFish Lighting today for a free estimate on lights.