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If you still have your Christmas lights up into February, you may as well leave them there. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, string lights can create the perfect romantic atmosphere! Whether you’re planning a night with a special someone, or a party, Valentine’s Day lights are a fun way to wow your guests!

Wondering where to get started? We’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about all things Valentine’s Day lights, from date night to a DIY Valentine’s Day party!

Popular Valentine’s Day Light Colors

To start, Valentine’s Day light colors should be no surprise. You’ll typically see red, white and pink used in Valentine’s Day decor. It will ultimately depend on your preference of what you use. The color palette will usually be pastel—or dark reds, for a romantic evening. Sometimes you will see purples used, as well. Again, it’s all about your preference!

What are the Best Valentine’s Day Lights to Decorate Your Home?

Now, you may be wondering what the best Valentine’s Day lights are to decorate with. If you’re looking to create magic, there are plenty of romantic options! Around this time of year, you’ll usually find cute heart string lights, LED rope lights and other themed lighting to up the romance.

Why Would I Want Valentine’s Day Lights?

Valentine’s Day doesn’t only have to take place at a candle-lit steak house.

Valentine’s Day Party Lights

If you’re throwing a party, lighting is always important. The good news is that you’re in good shape if you have your white Christmas lights up from last season. For a party, recommend a mix of string lights with pink and white bulbs and lanterns. Lanterns create the perfect party ambiance with a warm glow.

Valentine’s Day decor, such as paper hearts, will go a long way. There are tons of ways to use red, pink, and white in decorations! You could even have your party be a DIY Valentine’s craft party!

Another area to pay attention to when you’re having a party is outdoor lights. Using colored light bulbs to decorate your patio can perfect the Valentine’s Day vibes. Lanterns can also be used outside to create a romantic atmosphere for your party.

Date Night

There’s nothing we love more than date night! Lighting is crucial at home or on a Valentine’s Day getaway. Bonus points if you can hook them up to a dimmer to set the mood.

We recommend a healthy combination of string lights and candles for date night. Your lighting will likely make its way into the bedroom, so dark reds with rose petals are a good choice. Lining the bedroom with LED rope lights can also help you set the mood with minimal effort.

Another way to up the romance is to cut out hearts and attach them to your string lights. A little DIY Valentine’s action will show your love that you cared enough to make an effort!

What Are Some Unique Valentine’s Day Light Ideas?

Whether planning a date night or a Valentine’s Day party, you want your lighting to stand out! Here are some unique lighting ideas to help you get started.

Red on Red on Red

Red is the most common color associated with Valentine’s Day. So, a red lighting scheme should work well for your special someone. Grab some LED lights to string around the room and set the ambiance. Red LED lights are excellent for dinner, cocktail hour, or any date night activities.

Fairytale Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a great option if you’re having a Valentine’s Day party in the backyard. Using fairy lights is an excellent way to create ambiance and magic. You can play around with placement to get the exact look you want.

Classic Candles 

Candles are a Valentine’s Day staple and with good reason. With candles, you can create a warm glow that you won’t be able to get with LED lights. We suggest filling the house with candles for a romantic Valentine’s Day. You can always turn on your string lights if needed, but there’s something special about candles. Keep in mind proper safety measures, and only put candles in areas where they won’t fall over.

Romance With Permanent Outdoor Lights

You can never go wrong with Permanent Outdoor lights. If you already have programmable LED lights from Jellyfish, you’re set! These LED lights can be changed accordingly and have plenty of red, pink, and white settings for all your Valentine’s Day lighting needs!

We love string lights because they can be kept up year-round and are versatile. String lights are perfect for date night or a party.

Love and Lanterns

Lanterns are an underrated lighting option perfect for Valentine’s Day decorative lighting. They can be used indoors or outdoors and come in an array of colors. Lanterns also come in various shapes and sizes so you’ll be sure to find something perfect for your Valentine’s Day vibe.

Are You Ready for Valentine’s Day?

The bottom line is that there are plenty of ways to decorate with Valentine’s Day lights. If you have programmable LED lights from Jellyfish, you can combine them with DIY Valentine lighting for the perfect party or romantic evening. Remember, your best friend is lanterns and string lights with pink, white, or even red heart bulbs! We hope you wow your special someone or guests with your Valentine’s Day decoration!