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Have you found yourself asking the question of what exactly the uses and capabilities are of JellyFish Lighting? A popular inquiry with an even more promising answer, numerous! From twinkling effects for holidays to bright white for security lighting and much more. A good question to ask yourself is “What am I trying to accomplish with JellyFish Lighting?” A simple but loaded question as JellyFish Lighting has so much to offer for your home. You are definitely not limited to the creativity of what you decide to use JellyFish Lighting for. Lighting can bring so much diversity to your home and it truly shows the identity and personality of your home. 

JellyFish Designer App

JellyFish Lighting puts the power of its uniqueness right in the palms of your hands. The app has several pages: 


On the bottom left corner is the list page, here is where all of the preset patterns are. To view the different options click on the drop down arrow on the right side of each category. It will show the colors in the pattern and a brief description. To select one of the patterns click the play button on the right side. To edit the pattern click on the siders to the left of the play button. The next page allows for complete customization of patterns, from choosing which colors to adjusting the effects and saving the new creation.

The accent page allows for control over each light individually. The plus and minus button moves the selected light and can be seen when looking at the lighting system. This makes it so each how can have a perfect accent lighting system, with the correct spacing and color. The scheduling page has two functions, daily timers and a calendar setting. The calendar overrides the daily timer so you can select standard accent lighting for everyday use then set holiday lighting programs for the future. The setup page is for changing wifi and using zones.


One of JellyFish Lighting’s many innovative options is the ability to create zones on your home, separating certain areas for specific programs, while giving your home a more advanced and modern look. JellyFish Lighting is currently the only company that provides the zoning capability. Zoning your home gives you the flexibility to decide what areas you may want completely customized.

With the accent lighting feature, you may want to have certain peaks perfectly spaced with the accent color of your choice. A good example with “zones” would allow you to set the mood of your home. Gives you the control to show one look on the front of your home, and another look in the back or any area of your choice. Setting up your zones is done at install with the help from an installer and will be discussed on how exactly you would like the zones to run and perform.

Special Occasions

JellyFish Lighting Easter lights

You may have a certain occasion and or event that would call for a particular look or theme, any event you want to celebrate can be shown and displayed on your home. Many current customers enjoy the ability to show off their lights for a variety of occasions. Examples being, favorite sports teams colors, gender reveal parties, birthdays, family/friend gatherings, and many more.

Recent Trends

A recent trend we saw this year was dealing with the devastating news that Russia had decided to go to war with Ukraine. In a matter of days we saw our customers show the colors for Ukraine on their homes. Seeing this trend really reminds us of the many situations you can use JellyFish Lighting for. It reminds us to stick together and show support universally with the world. JellyFish Lighting in its many years in business has almost created this community where we can come together to show love and support during troubling times. Having this sense of community has allowed us to be more personable with our customers and it really adds to the diversity and integrity of our company.

Whether the occasion is to remember someone, a homecoming, a farewell, etc., JellyFish Lighting is proud to be your choice with any event that you encounter in your life. We are always genuinely excited to see what our customers choose to promote with lights. Our Facebook page and customer Facebook group allows our customers to interact with our company on a more personal level, viewing the custom programs our customers have created always helps us build and grow as a company. It truly is a sight to see when our customers share their beautiful homes with our pages. We see the project from start to finish and the results are a day and night difference of what JellyFish Lighting offers for your home.

Other benefits

If you decide to use JellyFish Lighting purely for holidays, security lighting, special events, or simply to give your home some personality, Jellyfish Lighting fulfills these demands for you. JellyFish Lighting allows you to fully customize your home, challenging you to use it to its fullest potential. Each light is fully customizable, offering three diodes in each light. As soon as you power on your JellyFish Lighting system, your entire home makes a statement.

Each customer is unique and has different intentions with their JellyFish Lighting system. JellyFish Lighting gives you plenty of choices and is perfect for anyone looking to light their home drastically or simply. The design of our track encases the light strands and is color-matched to blend right into your home. With the discreet look that JellyFish Lighting offers, many will not even be able to tell if the lights even exist on your home during the day. This created a huge surprise each time you power them on. 

Why JellyFish Lighting?

JellyFish Lighting delivers the all in one solution to permanent LED lighting on your home. Making the decision of what company to trust will fulfill your vision of this addition to your home is increasingly important. One of our many goals here at JellyFish Lighting is our service to our customers and truly proving we are the experts with this optimized type of lighting. JellyFish Lighting allows the customer to truly make their homes look more welcoming and inviting. A unique addition to your home that truly connects you to the roots of your home.

Here at JellyFish Lighting we are paving the road for a more innovative option in permanent LED lighting. JellyFish Lighting has impacted many of our customers in ways we never thought possible. Seeing this reminds us of the vision we wanted to create for our customers. Each installation allows the JellyFish Lighting community to grow and prosper. We are happy to see all the positivity these lights have brought to our customers’ lives. Thanks for taking the time to read along during this blog, we truly look forward to serving you.