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Tips for DIY Outdoor Lighting

Great outside lighting provides security, boosts curb appeal, and creates a welcoming atmosphere for your home. If you’re considering taking on an at-home lighting project, JellyFish Lighting can help you get started. Check out these five DIY outdoor lighting ideas to take your home’s lighting to the next level.

1. Consider Your Current Setup

What does your current exterior lighting look like? You’re ready to get to work if you have a basic setup already in place. Most outdoor lights are low voltage, so you can safely work with the existing hardware. It’ll help to decide where you want lights: on the patio, along a path, garden lights, or other landscape lights to make things easier to see at night. If you don’t have any outdoor lights, you may want to hire professional electricians to get started.

2. Plan Ahead

After getting some outdoor lighting ideas, create a plan to go along with them. Decide which type of bulb you’ll use—halogen or LED lights. Also, will you rely on solar-powered options or plug-in lights with wires? Should your backyard lighting be different than your other outdoor space? Make all of your decisions ahead of time about brightness, spacing, light temperature, and more so you can dive right into your DIY project.

3. Use the Right Components

Understanding each piece of your lighting system and how they connect will ensure success. Use the correct transformer, cables, and lighting fixtures to achieve the look and functionality you need. This is especially important for floodlights, which are a significant part of any landscape lighting. A bonus tip to keep in mind—while light fixtures are permanent, you can upgrade your bulbs to find the wattage or temperature light you want.

If you’re unsure where to put permanent fixtures, you can also set up flexible lighting with tiki torches, lanterns, or even tea light candle holders in jars. Testing things out will also help you know what the final result will give you an idea of how things will look with the final result.

4. Match Your Style

With so many front- and backyard lighting ideas available, you’re sure to find lights that suit your home decor. Choosing light fixtures that complement the rest of your home decor takes your outdoor space to the next level. You’ll also boost curb appeal and create an enjoyable atmosphere with a deck or patio light.

5. Create Fun Light Effects

When you DIY, you have complete control over the lighting possibilities. Get creative and explore the options, from homemade fixtures to unique displays highlighting your home’s textures. You can even get customizable lights that allow you to change their color, intensity, timing, and more.

Get Permanent Outdoor Lights From JellyFish Lighting

At JellyFish Lighting, we offer permanent outdoor lighting solutions. You can install our customizable lights to create your dream outdoor display. Our outdoor string light displays make perfect Christmas lights, and our wide array of LED light colors works with any DIY outdoor lighting idea.

Or, our team can install your permanent accent lights for you—whatever you prefer. Learn more about your light options from JellyFish Lighting and request a free estimate today!

Get Permanent Outdoor Lights From JellyFish Lighting