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Are you tired of dragging out the Christmas lights and hopping on a ladder every year? Unfortunately, replacing holiday lighting can get expensive over the years, but we’re here to tell you there’s a solution. While you may assume built-in Christmas lights are expensive, they’ll save you some cash and precious time around the holidays. 

What are built-in Christmas lights?

To start, let’s talk about what built-in Christmas lights are. Simply put, they’re a type of lighting meant to stay up all year. We’re not talking about a dramatic yard display full of reindeer and Santa. Built-in Christmas lights are exterior lighting installed on your home intended to last at least a few years. 

Permanent lighting is a subtle addition to your house, typically installed under the roofline on the track. That way, it’s not noticeable throughout the year if you choose to use them only at Christmas. 

The most popular are LED Christmas lights because you can change the colors throughout the year. JellyFish Lighting offers programmable Christmas lights that you control on an app and other smart lighting devices. This upgrade from traditional Christmas lights will save you a lot of hassle down the line for several reasons. 

How permanent are they? 

You hear the word “permanent” and have to wonder just how permanent something is! When it comes to built-in Christmas lights, it will depend on the type of lights you choose. The average lifespan of permanent lights is about 6-10 years, but it can be much longer! It really depends on the quality of the components in them and how much they are used.

Another thing to consider with permanent Christmas lights is how much value they bring to your home. They are often a listing feature for when you sell your property. 

What are the pros of permanent Christmas lights?

The holidays are exhausting enough as it is. So instead of stressing yourself out even more over installing LED Christmas lights with pesky wire, there are many pros to permanent lighting. 

You’ll save money over time

Let’s face it. The holidays are expensive. From gifts to party decorations and everything in between, it’s important to cut corners where you can! Odds are, when you pull the holiday lights out, something will need to be replaced. 

Icicle lights can get tangled and break easily—even light snow can break cheap lights! When you invest in built-in Christmas lights, you won’t need to worry about snagging wire or replacing light bulbs as often. That means more money for gifts and other holiday supplies!

LED Christmas lights are energy efficient

Energy-efficient lighting is increasingly popular for all lighting solutions, especially during holidays. In fact, data shows that the running lights cost significantly decreases with LED Christmas lights. 

The holidays are a bust time, and it can be easy to forget to turn off your Christmas lights. Using timer lights is another way to increase energy efficiency, as well. 

Built-in Christmas lights save you time

Along with spending less money, you’ll be spending less time worrying about your Christmas lighting. Gone will be the days of rummaging through the attic to find the box of lights and climbing up on the roof to install them. While there’s a sense of nostalgia for traditional Christmas lights, they’re not worth the headache. 

Permanent lighting is safer

The end of November is usually freezing if you live in a cold climate. So not only will it be miserable to get on the roof to hang wires and lights, but it can also be dangerous. Ice, snow, and other outside elements can cause injury if you choose to put them up then. 

Traditional Christmas lights will usually require long extension cords and temporary electricity solutions that may not be safe if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you leave incandescent lights on for too long, they can also become a fire hazard. With built-in Christmas lights, they’ll be ready to go as soon as the season of Christmas cheer is here! 

Added security 

While it may not be on the top of your holiday lighting list, built-in lights add an extra layer of security to your home. They’ll keep your yard well-lit, as well as doorways.

What are the cons of built-in LED Christmas lights?

As with all good things, built-in Christmas lights will also have drawbacks. 

Upfront cost

Something to consider is that installing built-in Christmas lights will cost more upfront than a set of fairy lights from the store. In addition, permanent lighting will usually require professional installation to be done properly. 

The average built-in Christmas lights cost for a 2-story house is $495 for labor and $645 including lights. The company you go with will be able to give you an exact quote on cost. 

The overall cost will depend on where you live, the size of the project, and how difficult the job is. An installation team will be able to give you a quote. What you have to think about is that while the upfront cost may be high, you won’t be spending money on lights in the future. 

Not easy to change

When choosing your built-in Christmas lights, remember that they are intended to stay there. You won’t be able to make changes easily, so plan properly and choose the best lights possible before going through the installation. 

You can add other temporary lights if you want a change. For example, you can always buy a set of mini lights for your Christmas light display or net lights in the yard to switch things up. 

Can I program built-in Christmas lights?

Yes, you can! One of the best parts of installing built-in Christmas lights is that they are modern with smart controls. Programmable Christmas lights allow you to set up a light show that will wow the whole neighborhood!  

If you’ve already had built-in Christmas lights installed and want to add smart features, check out our article on DIY programmable permanent Christmas lights

Should I hire professionals to install my built-in Christmas lights?

The answer to this question is probably yes, you should. Unless you have building skills, you might not have the proper tools to install permanent lighting correctly. Hiring a team of professionals ensures you’ll get the exact design you want with proper installation. After all, isn’t the point of all this to have lights that don’t look like your uncle climbed up on the roof with a staple gun on Christmas Eve?

Not only is it a hassle, but installing Christmas lights yourself can be unsafe. Hiring a team of professionals can ease the stress so you can focus on other holiday-related tasks. 

Christmas lighting companies will make your holiday lighting dreams come true. The team at JellyFish Lighting knows what they’re doing. From knowing electrical outlets to the style of built-in Christmas lights, we’ve got you covered. 

What do I do with them after Christmas?

The good news is that built-in Christmas lights can be used all year round! With JellyFish Lighting permanent lights, you have plenty of presets to change colors to fit the time of year. You can also set them to warm white, which goes with everything and creates the perfect ambiance and yard lighting. 

Use them to light up your next barbeque or patio scene during the summer. You can also use presets to change colors for holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween! 

How can JellyFish Lighting help?

If you’re ready to try out built-in Christmas lights, JellyFish Lighting is here to help! We offer a variety of holiday lighting solutions that can be easily programmed with timers. We’ve got everything from light shows to a simple warm ambiance. 

Our team of professionals is passionate about what they do, and we want to help you spread holiday cheer! So contact JellyFish Lighting today to get started!