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JellyFish Lighting Software Goals

JellyFish Lighting focuses on the ideas and aspirations of our customers, we aim to create ideas based on what this product can truly accomplish. New ideas are constantly being considered to embellish the product to its fullest potential. We are constantly pushing the limits with its capabilities. We have a full software development team that works on sending out updates as frequently as possible, and we truly want our customers’ ideas to be heard as we implement them. We want to achieve the realms of possibility that you have aspired for your home. As time has passed, technology has become more immersive, allowing us to strive for these ambitions we have with our product.

Timer and Calendar Events

JellyFish Lighting calendar event

The timer option we offer allows you to change your JellyFish Lighting to different patterns for the entire month, each day perfectly planned for the program of your choice. We have two choices of timers, calendar events, or a daily timer. Daily allows you to plan the week day by day, whereas the calendar event allows you to plan the future programs that are set for the year. Setting a timer is made easy for you, once set, forget about it! This is widely used around Christmas time, where the countdown to Christmas begins, and our customers have a friendly competition with the different versatility and uses of our programs. We have modernized a lot of our Christmas programs, whether you are going for a warm color to make your home more welcoming, or following Christmas colors in accordance to what colors Christmas is to you. Our program’s capabilities are endless, programs you did not think were achievable are now made possible, which allows a creative mind from your family to accomplish a certain look.

JellyFish Lighting blue Christmas lights

Calendar Events allow you to essentially plan the entire year with your lighting, simple and easy to navigate within the app. Calendar events will also override any daily timer set, a good note to keep in mind when scheduling your lights with your timer. Once set, you can rest assured that your home is planned out for the year. Alleviating and eliminating the efforts of having to constantly program a pattern for your home. Installation of JellyFish Lighting is done in a professional manner, where the wiring on the exterior is not visible, providing a clean installation and look for your home. There are 3 diodes within the cell of the light, overpowering our competitors, meaning you can see a vast difference in brightness in a JellyFish Lighting home compared to our competitors. The energy usage varies depending on how often the customer uses the lights, however our lights in general do not use a lot of power. Pulling less than 1 W of power on our full bright white setting, over use of the lights should not play as a large impact on your power bill.



Another benefit of going with JellyFish Lighting versus our competitors is currently we are the only company in the permanent lighting industry to offer “Zoning”. Zones challenge the customer to use JellyFish Lighting to its full optimized capabilities. This benefits you in being able to set up customized “Accent Lighting” which in turn provides security lighting for your home, deterring crime, break ins, and vision at night time while outside of your home. Zoning also allows you to customize your lighting on a much deeper level, where your ideas can truly be reflected in the lighting on your home. With JellyFish Lighting doubling as security lighting, this is just another benefit to consider when shopping for a vendor to do your lighting. JellyFish Lighting’s brightness capabilities can even provide more light for your existing security cameras, ensuring a brighter and clearer video on your feedback as you watch footage. Zoning can be adjusted to each curve of your home, you are definitely not limited on what programs play on your home, whether they are synchronized to the same program, or a varied look whether you’re focused on the front, back, or sides of your home.


Future Updates

The future of JellyFish Lighting is always advancing in our technology in which we bring to our product. One of the latest updates that we intend to release soon is the “Cloud Access” enabling the customer to be able to control the lights even if you are not home. This has been one of our main goals, and once perfected and dismissed from bugs from our development team, will be available in a simple update to the app. This feature will make way for homeowners to relieve their worry of leaving their homes for an extended period of time. While away from home, our customers will be able to keep their home well lit and lived in, and provide a reassurance that the lighting will almost be a protector of their home.


The benefits of what our company brings to its customers can continue to be found in our blogs we are releasing. This product truly checks all of your lighting needs, and to be that company that can offer you that all in one package deal is our honor and what we stand for. With the longevity of our product we truly are a company that you get to work with for a lifetime. The best permanent lighting solution in the market is just an inquiry away. Thank you for your time in reading this, we hope to install you soon!