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Many smart home gadgets try to disappear into your house, but outdoor color-changing smart lights are a flashy exception. With many shades of bright-colored, vivid light available with just a few taps or voice commands on your smartphone, lights like these aren’t subtle. Instead, the goal is to create a more striking-looking and modern outdoor space.

Also, consider that outdoor color-changing lights have practical uses. For example, with proper automation, these lights can imitate the way natural light behaves throughout the day or notify you when you have new emails from important contacts.

Can I Make My Lights Change Color?

LED lights can generate millions of color hues depending on the core of colors Red, Green, and Blue (often referred to as RGB). You can rotate or change colors based on the LED light fixture with mobile apps, wireless remotes, or controllers. Can I change my lights to any color? Unfortunately, a few colors, such as pinks and browns, can’t be produced or are challenging to make.

With an app or remote control, you can control your LED color-changing lights to get the most out of your smart home setup. The adhesive tape on LED strip lights allows you to put them on any flat surface. The primary benefit of LED strip lighting is the capability to connect many strip light sections. To do that, you only need pin connectors that clamp on both cut sections of strip lights.

All you need LED color-changing string lights if you want to turn your balcony or patio into a vibrant venue. Here, you only need to swap your existing bulbs with LED color-changing string lights. You just need an available wall outlet to make your patio lights change color. This is a fantastic way to add some fun to your outdoor lighting. Many LED color-changing lights offer 24 to 50 feet of light and plug into standard wall outlets. In addition, many come with remote control, which allows you to control various light modes and colors. They’re a perfect addition to outdoor spaces, such as backyards, patios, decks, or balconies.

How Do I Install Color-Changing Lights?

LED string lights are a perfect solution if you want to add subtlety or color to your backyard or patio. LED color-changing lights are available in big rolls, which you can easily set up even though you have no electrical experience. A successful installation needs only a bit of planning to ensure you get the right length of LED string lighting and power supply to match. Then, you need to connect LED color-changing string lights with connectors or by soldering them together. Connectors are undoubtedly easier to use; soldering is a better option if you want to permanently join your LED color-changing lights and connectors. Finally, finish the installation by sticking your LED string lights using the adhesive backing. Then, plug them in and enjoy the vibrant experience they create.

What Types of Bulbs Change Color?

From white to red to blue to pink, you can screw color-changing bulbs into any fixture you’re working with, just like other bulbs. In addition, color-changing bulbs often work with remote control, allowing you to choose the setting or colors of your choice. But since we’re living in a modern world, some of the best color-changing string lights are also the best smart bulbs that pair with Google Home devices and Alexa speakers.

How Affordable are My Options?

Color temperature bulbs, like those from Philips Hue, cost in the neighborhood of $30; however, you can’t change their color. On the other hand, RGB bulbs produce any color like a full range of white color temperatures. So you can get cool or warm presets from your bulbs and change to more beautiful colors. For instance, if you want some Christmas lighting, you only need to set your RGB bulbs to green and red.

The difference between color temperature bulbs and RGB bulbs is noticeable. Thus, Philips Hue RGB color bulbs cost $59 per bulb in the neighborhood. If you compare that to the per-bulb price of around $15 of standard white smart bulbs, then color-changing light bulbs aren’t exactly cheap. However, you’ll get many options for your money.

For instance, Color-changing LED lights can help you create eye strain-easing bias lighting when watching TV. Plus, you can use them to create holiday themes. For example, you can use purples and greens to create Halloween lights, or reds and greens for Christmas lights.

Do Color-Changing Bulbs Take More Electricity than Standard Outdoor Bulbs?

LED bulbs offer the most energy-efficient form of artificial light. Using less wattage, they emit the same light as fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent bulbs. In addition, because of their permanently-on status and other innovative features, smart LED color-changing lights use more electricity than regular LED bulbs. However, their energy consumption is still lower than traditional light bulbs.

The primary reason color-changing bulbs consume more power is that they have additional features. And as with any electronic device, the more features available, the more power it consumes.
What Are Some Cool Ideas for Incorporating Color-Changing Lights in My Yard?
If your backyard has many trees and other architectural details, a color-changing spotlight is a perfect option for you. Color-changing spotlights are perfect for highlighting objects and can make your backyard eye-pleasing. Color-changing spotlights vary in coverage area and brightness. They occasionally highlight plants, decks, statutes, and walls.

In addition, you can also use color-changing flood lights in your backyards to create Christmas and Halloween lights. Color-changing flood lights are perfect for decorating your backyard because they emit vibrant and wide-light beams.

Further, using color-changing path lights, you can create a colorful and visual appeal in outdoor spaces, including lawns or backyards. Color-changing path lights can transform your walkways and outdoor areas into a paradise. Since backyard paths are ground-level, you should direct your color-changing path lights downwards. In addition, many path lights have a glare shield or shade that prevents the lighting from glaring directly into the eyes.

How Can I Use Color-Changing Lights During the Holidays?

Do you envy those neighbors who go all out when decorating their homes and backyards during the holidays? You can use color-changing lighting to create holiday decor—such as Halloween or Christmas.

So, if you want to decorate your house and its outdoor setting during the holiday season, you can use outdoor string lights and color-changing light bulbs to create a festive scenery.

After installing your color-changing lights, you can use your smartphone to personalize your chosen lights to display different holiday colors on command. You can also sync the lighting brightness and colors to the holiday music playing in your house.

What Options Does Jellyfish Lighting Offer?

At JellyFish Lighting, we can help you have smart Christmas lights permanently installed and control them with an app on your smartphone. Our permanent Christmas lights are encased in aluminum tracks matching your backyard, so they’re discreet from the streets.

These Christmas lights produce more than 16 million colors and are RGB, so you can still use them to decorate your yard for other holidays, including Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the Fourth of July.

Our permanent Christmas lighting solves the annual struggle of decorating your home for Christmas. They also keep you and your family members safe away from the ladder.