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Although the excitement of the end of year holidays is over, there is still fun to be had with JellyFish Lighting in the winter! Below are options for preset patterns, but it’s also possible to create your own patterns with the JellyFish Designer app.

Accent Lighting 

Custom or preset? Bright white or soft white? Every 4th or 15th? There are so many options with JellyFish Lighting! You can set up one accent lighting pattern to come on every day or set a different accent program for each day of the week. To learn about how to pick accent lighting for your home click here. 

Lighting Patterns for Snowy Weather

Shades of blue mixed together with falling snow look amazing. In the Designer app click the drop-down menu next to Christmas click then hit the play button for shades of blue or winter. You can also try wintergreen and mixing blue with green.

Red, White, and Blue Lights for MLK and Presidents Day 

In the winter the 4th of July seems so far away, but you can still show your patriotism on MLK Day and Presidents Day. In the Designer, app try holidays then independence paint or in legacy numbers 14, 19, 32, 63.

Valentine’s Day Lighting

On February 14th nothing beats pink, red, and purple! Try patterns Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s purple in the Holiday category or patterns 1, 2, 52, and 53 in the legacy category.

Rainbow Lights

If the winter is starting to be a bit drab, light up the night with all of the main colors cycling through one by one. In the Designer app select 44 from legacy.