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When you’ve put time and effort into landscaping, it can be frustrating that you won’t see it at night. The good news is that a well-planned landscape lighting design can show off the intricacies of your home at any hour of the day!

Landscape lighting design is a great way to show off your creativity. You’ll be able to impress your guests and neighbors with lighting that accentuates all of the parts of your home that you love. If you’re looking for landscape lighting design inspiration, JellyFish Lighting has tons of ideas. We’re here to answer all your questions, so let’s get started!

What is Landscape Lighting?

Before we dive into landscape lighting design, you should know what landscape lighting is.  Landscape lighting is also referred to as garden lighting. Simply put, it’s lighting used to illuminate outdoor spaces. It typically consists of fixtures like as string lights, path lights, roof lights, and others.

Landscape lighting can be used for residential or commercial spaces. Not only does landscape lighting look good, but it’s also an added layer of security to protect you and your property.

What is Landscape Lighting Design?

Once you’ve decided you want to invest in landscape lighting, you’ll need a design! The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to outdoor lighting is to start shopping without a plan. If you’re feeling lost, the team of professionals at JellyFish Lighting can answer any questions you have!

When you are lighting any of your outdoor spaces, that’s considered landscape lighting. Common spaces that people tend to illuminate with outdoor lighting are:

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Gardens
  • Front Porches
  • Roofing
  • Decks
  • Pools
  • Backyards

Landscape lighting design doesn’t have to be a complex bit to-do list. In fact, sometimes the simpler a lighting design is, the better. If you learn landscape lighting design, you’ll also have a new skill under your belt!

How Do I Make a Landscape Lighting Plan?

Creating a landscape lighting design doesn’t have to be difficult. What you need to focus on are areas that need illumination and the type of lighting design you prefer. Hitting the internet to check out what professional landscape lighting companies are doing can give you inspiration and point you in the right direction.

Before you start your landscape lighting design plan, it’s important to have a budget in place. Once you start shopping, it can be easy to get carried away with all of the options out there. Sticking to your plan will save you from buying something for fountain lighting when you don’t even have a water feature.

As you’re creating a landscape lighting design, ask yourself:

  • What color temperature do I want to use?
  • Will my landscape lighting be used for safety purposes?
  • What type of lighting techniques will I use?
  • What kind of power supply do I want to use?

Having a budget and answers to these questions will help you get started. While you’re working on your design, changes will probably occur. It’s alright to stray from your plan and use it as a guideline.

Best Types of Lighting for Landscape

As you’re creating your landscape lighting design, you should be researching different types of outdoor lighting. With so many options, it may take some time to find what’s going to work best by checking out landscape lighting ideas.

What are the Best Bulbs for Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

Before we get into the best types of lights, choosing bulbs is the first step. Do not go for the cheapest option you see! When it comes to bulbs for landscape lighting, they should be quality bulbs built to last.

LED Bulbs

We can’t discuss landscape lighting without talking about LED lights. LED lights are perfect for landscape lighting because they are energy efficient and last a while. You won’t have to worry about changing them.

If you install smart LED lighting, you’ll be able to control it right from your phone and change the color temperature. JellyFish Lighting has several options with over 16 million colors to choose from that suit anyone’s style!

Most landscape lighting options will come as LED bulbs, so you probably won’t have to make any big choices with that.

What are The Different Types of Lights Used for Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting comes in all shapes and sizes. With so many choices, it can be hard to narrow it down. We’ve curated a list of some of the best types of lights to use in your design.

String Lights

Who doesn’t enjoy the warm glow of string lights on a patio? If you’re looking for backyard lighting ideas, string lights are very common. String lights are a quick and easy way to fill an outdoor space with ambient lighting. Typically, you can hang them yourself and call it a day. String lights also look great on a front porch, or garden to create a fairytale look.

Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are a lighting fixture typically used for walkways. They not only look nice, but are also a great safety feature. Lighting the pathway to your house with bollard lights will give it a sense of elegance. They can also be used for step lights that may not be reached by your porch lighting.

Bollard lights are also great for gardens with dark walkways that lead to patios or event spaces. Make sure to stagger the lights so they cover the path in an even, ambient glow.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is also known as downlighting. This type of lighting is installed directly inside a structure, such as a wall or your roof. So, instead of sticking out for people to see the design of the light fixture, it’s purely a light source meant to illuminate whatever you have it pointing at.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are another tool used in landscape lighting design. For example, wall lights can be used on a wrap-around porch, or next to your garage as an extra lighting source. They’re a nice alternative to flood lights if you want a more subtle look. You can also use them on the back of your house to illuminate decks, patios, and pools.

What Color of Light is Best for Landscape Lighting?

When you’re deciding on the color of light for your landscape lighting design, warm white is best. It’s the best for ambient light, and it’s important you keep the color temperature consistent throughout your design. The color temperature will also depend on your outdoor lighting goal.

If you’re planning to use the lighting to highlight architecture and garden elements, warmer color temperatures are going to work well. For security lighting (such as flood lights) you want a cool white temperature since you don’t want anything to hide in it.

With smart LED lights, you’ll have the option to adjust color and temperature easily through your phone. This is great because while white light works well most of the year, you may want to change colors for holidays. With JellyFish Lighting, you’ll have over 16 million colors to choose from that will work for any season!

Will Landscape Lighting Add Value to My Home?

Yes, it does! Creating a solid landscape lighting design with quality light fixtures is going to add value to your home when it’s time to sell. You already have a beautiful home, and having the ability to show it off 24/7 is a major plus along with curb appeal.

If your intended plan with landscape lighting is increased property value, you should consider a professional landscape lighting team such as JellyFish. There can be a noticeable difference between commercial lighting and DIY lighting if not done properly.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Outdoor Lighting?

How much outdoor lighting will cost you depends on the type of lighting you choose. A set of string lights isn’t going to set you back nearly as much as having a team of professionals come out to create your landscape lighting design.

Remember that your landscape lighting is an investment. Home Advisor puts the national average cost of outdoor lighting at around $2,000-$4,000. When you’re looking at these numbers, remember that it’s also going to add value to your home.

You can always go the DIY route to save some cash, as well. While JellyFish Lighting offers installation, you can also purchase lights to do it yourself. The important thing to remember is that if you’re unfamiliar with installing something like roof lighting, hiring a professional is going to be worth it in the end.

How Can JellyFish Lighting Help?

At JellyFish Lighting, we know that creating a landscape lighting idea can be tough work! That’s why our team of professionals has crafted solutions for all of your outdoor lighting needs. We offer lighting that you can control directly from your phone on our app with over 100 presets to choose from. We work on projects from commercial outdoor lighting to right in your backyard. Contact JellyFish Lighting today and we can get started!