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With so many options to set up your home’s accent lighting it can be hard to decide what would look the best. In this comprehensive guide, we will show you how we recommend setting it up.

First, to get a sense for how you want to set up your accent lighting, try using a preset accent lighting program. To do this go to the list page in the bottom left corner, in the legacy category click on the drop down arrow, scroll to patterns 15, 16, and 17. Pattern 15 is every 4th light on bright white, pattern 16 is every 6th, and 17 is every 8th. Try each of these patterns, it can be helpful to take a photo of each pattern so you can easily see the difference. Once you decide on approximate spacing you can begin to create your own custom accent pattern. 

In the JellyFish Lighting designer app, click on the accent page at the bottom of the screen. The first light in the zone you are in will turn on and flash. If you don’t see the light try walking around your home or clicking the plus button to move the light further. Once you find the light you can now start setting up your spacing. Hitting the set button turns that light on in the pattern, then it prompts you to set the next light in the pattern. The four main styles are:

Symmetrical (example: selecting the 4th light down on either side of a peak on a home)

Evenly spaced (example: turning on every 3rd light)

Double lights (example: turning on two lights in a row each time)

Two lights at the top of each peak

To change the color of the lights, either tap on the box underneath ‘Accent’ to the right of ‘Colors” or click on the adjust tab. If you want to change the color of your lights to be soft white leave the color on white and click the adjust tab. By removing some of the blue and green you can get a nice soft white, try taking out two thirds of the blue and half of the green. To change the color of all of the lights click the set all color, to change the color individually click on the light, then choose a new color by clicking on the box under the word accent to the right of ‘colors’ then click set.

Once you have the spacing and color you like click on the save tab at the top of the accent screen.

Now that you have the program set up how you would like you can set a schedule for your accent lighting. On the bottom of the app select the schedule tab, most of the time accent lighting is used daily, click on the daily tab. Click “+ Event” in the top left, then select the pattern and zones you would like it to turn on, to check to make sure it is the right one you can press “Start Preview”. Select the days you would like the program to turn on (blue is selected) and the start and stop times (white is selected), then press “Save” in the upper right corner.