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Game Day Lighting

It’s officially football season! There’s no better way to celebrate football season than with all your closest friends huddled around a big-screen TV. Turn your TV room into the ultimate football-watching and tailgating room with these game-day lighting ideas. LED game day and college football lighting show the neighborhood where your loyalty lies this football season.

Show Your Support With Game Day Lighting

Permanent game day lighting ensures you’re always ready for game day. With over 16 million colors, you can easily find one to show support for your team. Your game day lighting options are endless. Whether you want track lighting, exterior LED lights, or neon sign lighting, there are hundreds of ways to celebrate your favorite pro or college football team.

Benefits of Game Day Lighting

There are many benefits of game day lights, including:

  • Safety: Permanent security lighting helps improve your fan experience by guiding them safely to their cars late at night after the game and celebrations are over.
  • Enjoyable: LED lights in your favorite team’s colors are one of the best ways to get in the football spirit.
  • Comfort: LED lights are a great way to add comfort to a basement or garage entertainment room.
  • Improves mood: Lighting has proven to be a mood improver. This may be handy when your team can’t seem to hold onto the ball or complete a pass.


College football lighting is also perfect for tailgating parties. Host a fun gathering with college football lighting before heading to the stadium if you’re lucky enough to score tickets.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Football at Home

You don’t have to spend a fortune to feel like you’re in the middle of the action at this year’s football games. Stay home and host your own party with these LED ideas for football season:

  • Game day lighting can make the game day experience even more special.
  • Order all your favorite apps for delivery for a low-effort fun gathering.
  • Go all out on decorating with your team colors.
  • Take the party outdoors with backyard lights and a portable TV.
  • Use stadium lighting, so fans feel like they’re attending the game.


Hosting a tailgating or national championship party can also be fun to encourage a little friendly rivalry among neighbors. JellyFish LED lights allow you to change between multiple color modes so that you can accommodate all fans.

Game Day Lighting Tips

Preparing for game day doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Get ready for your football party with the game day lighting tips:

Carefully Choose Your Lighting

Lighting can make or break the ambiance of football season. You have a few options when it comes to interior light setup for game day. You want something that’s bright enough to see as you grab another drink from the cooler but not too bright so that it interferes with the football game on the TV. 


Ambient lighting is the general lighting that’s likely already in your game-watching room. The problem with ambient lighting is that there aren’t really any more options other than on or off. Task lighting includes desk lamps or backlights. These lights give off a customized glow but do little to illuminate the room.


The best lighting option for your game room is accent lights. LED accent lighting is installed in strings around the room. LED lighting is also customizable, meaning you can make them as bright or dim as you want. Even better, you can change between multiple colors using your smartphone, showing off your pride in your favorite team. LED lights also won’t interfere with the TV, meaning you won’t get any annoying glare.

Pair Your Lighting With Music

Get everyone in the mood to celebrate game day with music. Some LED lights pair with music, giving game day a unique vibe. Create a tailgating playlist ahead of time and get ready for a fun, special occasion.

Plan an Impressive Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is the ultimate football celebration. No Super Bowl party is complete without endless snacks, an overflowing cooler, and decor that gets every single guest in the mood for football. It’s never too early to start planning for this year’s Super Bowl party. One of the biggest benefits of permanent LED lights is that you’re always prepared to host the Super Bowl party.


Regular season is over, and your team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl? That’s okay, you can easily change your LED lights to the team you’re cheering on at this year’s championship event.

Use Layered Lighting

Layered lighting in your game room is a great way to ensure you have complete control over the lights. For example, you might install a few accent lighting options to highlight important parts of the room, like the snack table. Then, you might implement tabletop LED lights to give the room a festive glow, perfect for football season.

Light Up More Than Your Game Room

Take your football festivities to a new level by adding fun lighting to other rooms. Illuminate your home’s entryway or hallway leading to the kitchen with under cabinet lights. Use permanent exterior lights to help guests find their way to your home. Backyard lights mean you can take the party outdoors after the game to celebrate your team’s win. Outdoor color-changing lights are also perfect for all your neighborhood tailgating events.


Game day lighting can serve a double purpose in a basement space. Adding lights to your stairs or on the wall along the stairs can help guests find their way upstairs without having to turn on the lights and ruin the dim vibe of gameday. LED lights can also offer just enough light in a garage space, even long after the sun has gone down.

Set a Timer/Schedule for Your Lights

Program your LED lights to follow your team’s schedule. As you pull down your street, the bold red glow will instantly prepare you for the Arizona Cardinals game day. Alabama college football fans will love the crimson and white LED lights that make their home stand out on game day. Even better, you can use these programmable Christmas lights for easy holiday decorating.


You can even show off your loyalty to your hometown. Let your neighbors know who you’re rooting for with your exterior lights. While it may seem like a lot of work to deck out the game day room for football season, these low-maintenance lights are ideal all year long. They’re the perfect way to elevate your entertainment space, providing you with the ultimate retreat.


Swap to different patterns or colors that support your favorite basketball, baseball, or hockey teams when football season is over. You can even play around with fun colors to show off your personality, like lighting trends that celebrate your favorite TV shows or movies. The options are endless with college football lighting.

College Football Lighting

Show off your pride with customized college football lighting. Game day lighting also shows pride for your favorite college football teams. Celebrate your alma mater on their game day, and then swap to your new hometown’s team. Add a few yard signs or porch flags with your favorite player number, and you’re ready to celebrate all football season.


Continue your college football lighting design by installing fun indoor helmet lights or lamps. Your home will become the new go-to spot for game day.


Can’t decide whether you love college or pro football more? One of the biggest benefits of permanent college football lighting is that it’s highly customizable. You can use your smartphone to show off your favorite college football team colors. Then, as Sunday night games roll around, change the colors of your exterior lighting to match your favorite professional team’s colors. Divided household? Take turns supporting your team with college football lighting. Choosing your team colors is simple with college football lighting.


You can swap colors between games to a more subtle color that illuminates your home and landscaping. As Super Bowl season comes around, let spectators know how to find their way to the party using the lights.

Professional Game Day Lighting for Football Season

Professional installation of your game day lighting means you can focus on the festivities, knowing that you already have all the decor you need. You can easily decide to have a last-minute football party. Pour a few bags of chips in some bowls, stock the cooler, and then choose your team’s colors before letting the crew know what time to stop by.


JellyFish Lighting even comes with multiple timers and events, so you can pre-program them to prepare for game day automatically. Our JellyFish lighting system is also long-lasting, you can keep yout teams colors up regardless of how many overtimes they are forced into. Then, simply turn off the lights when you want to indicate to guests that it’s time to go home.

Support Your Football Team!

Show your support of your favorite football team today by scheduling your free consultation with JellyFish Lighting. We work closely with our customers to understand their design needs and preferences. Whether you’re an avid college football fan or you prefer a professional, we can’t wait to make your football party dreams come true.


Not sure where to start? JellyFish Lighting can help. One of our representatives will come out to your house to help you create the ultimate football hosting space! College football lighting or permanent holiday lights, we can do it all.