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Finding a Houston Lighting Company

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JellyFish Lighting has a Houston, Texas location! If you’re looking for new lights, contact JellyFish Lighting today for a free estimate on your home!

Finding Houston-based outdoor lighting companies and how to get help from local light installers in Houston

There are lots of places to go for outdoor lights in Houston, Texas. Where you end up going depends on what kind of lighting services you need and how much money you are willing to pay. Lighting companies offer different types of services, and some may only specialize in a few while others can do all of them.

Basic outdoor lighting services include security lighting, accent lighting, holiday lighting, landscape lighting, porch lighting, and others. Some outdoor lighting companies may also do indoor lighting so you can get both in one place.

What should I expect from an outdoor lighting company?

A good outdoor lights company will be honest about the services they provide, offer fair pricing, and be quick and efficient at their job.

Since not all lighting companies offer the same services, it is important to understand what type of lighting you want for your home and your yard so you know what to look for.

Security lighting

Security lighting is probably the most common reason people get outdoor lights. They are a great way to deter potential home invasions, and make it easier to notice anything wrong outside. Most security lights are flood lights that can cover a wide range with one bulb. These can be either manually turned on, set to a timer, or motion sensors to pick up movement in the yard.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is another big reason people get lights for their home. Soft, dim lights around the roof or even draped on the fence or wall are a great way to add ambiance to your home. They can act as a simple decoration or can light up your outdoor space for backyard parties and make your yard feel more comfortable and inviting.

Holiday lighting

Some lighting companies will also offer professional holiday lights. Some will come to install and then take down the lights, but some may offer permanent holiday lights that are programmed with color-changing LEDs that can turn into accent lights or security lights. Permanent holiday lights are a great solution because you can adjust them to match any occasion at any time: holidays, game days, birthdays, other events, and for accent or security lights on off days.

Landscape lighting

Another common use of outdoor lighting is landscape lighting and architectural lighting. Your outdoor lights can highlight your landscaping or other decorations in the yard you want to show off. Landscape lights can include path lights, spotlights, and floodlights.

Depending on the services you need, different lighting companies will be a better fit for you and your home.

What is JellyFish Lighting?

JellyFish Lighting is one such outdoor lighting company that offers a range of services for your home. Their color-changing LED lights will last for a much longer time, making your permanent light installation really permanent. The energy efficiency of LEDs requires less electricity, making them last years without needing any maintenance, and then it’s only a matter of replacing the bulbs and then you’re set for the next few years.

Once you contact JellyFish Lighting for a consultation, they will schedule a time to come see your property and give you a free estimate of the cost for the services you want. After that, they’ll schedule a time to come install your lights. The whole installation will take between a few hours to a day or 2, depending on how much of an area you are covering.

Their light installations are permanent and fully programmable down to the individual lights. The color-changing LED bulbs are easily changed with the remote you are given after installation. You have the perfect accent lights, security lights, holiday lights, game day lights, and anything other event lighting you could need all in one installation.

Started in Salt Lake City, Utah, JellyFish Lighting has since grown to Denver, Colorado, Dallas, Texas, and Houston, Texas. Outside of these 4 locations, there are other lighting companies that are authorized dealers of JellyFish lights all over the United States, so there is a place to go for JellyFish in almost every state.

What exactly does JellyFish Lighting do?

They offer a professional light installation that can change to fit any of your needs. It began with a permanent holiday lighting installation, and with the color-changing LEDs, it can adapt to fit any event.

The installation itself is quick and easy, and once completed, all the wiring is hidden so only the lights themselves are visible, giving them a very clean look. The lights come with 102 preset patterns (and you can create your own custom lighting design), 20 different motions, and 16 million colors. The lights are also zoned, so you can turn sections on and off, and have different patterns in different zones of your home.

The lights are dimmable and can be manually controlled or set to a timer so you don’t need to worry about remembering to turn them on and off. The lights come with a remote and you can download certain apps on your phone for easier programming.

JellyFish has great reviews and a great customer service system that can provide you with information and answer any questions you may have. They have lit up tens of thousands of homes and would love to help you light yours!

JellyFish Lighting locations

Where can you find JellyFish lights? The company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and has since expanded to Denver, Colorado, Dallas, and Houston. Besides these 4 main locations, there are several authorized dealers of JellyFish lights. Between JellyFish locations and authorized dealers through another lighting store, there are dozens of JellyFish Lighting locations across the continental US! You can get contact information for any of them here.

JellyFish Lighting services in Texas

JellyFish has 4 locations in Texas! There is of course the JellyFish Lighting Houston location, that can be found at 1718 N Fry Road Suite 152, Houston TX, 77084. They can also be reached by phone for any information at (281) 698-5930. JellyFish also has their Dallas lighting company location in the DFW area at 2225 Belt Line Rd #205, Carrollton TX, 75006, the Dallas number is (214) 501-0329.

There are also 2 authorized dealers for JellyFish lighting in Lubbock, TX, that can be reached at (806) 778-0267, and Midland, TX, that can be reached at (432) 203-0441.

JellyFish Lighting Texas customer reviews:

A strong indicator of a good business is positive customer reviews, so here are some things JellyFish customers had to say about JellyFish’s Texas locations:

  • “Great organization and product!!!”
  • “very professional, knowledgeable on the product and understood the value of a quality installation.”
  • “very helpful and did everything in a timely manner.”
  • “well worth the money I spent.”
  • “The idea, the service, the installation, the simplicity, are all amazing, and we have had nothing but a positive experience.”

How do I contact JellyFish Lighting?

You can contact JellyFish Lighting right now! You can find all the information you’ll need here on which location to reach out to. Either call the number for the location closest to you, go to the store itself, or click the link to their website here for information and to get in touch with a representative!