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Do you ever find yourself wondering how you can level up your Christmas decor game? Are you looking for new and exciting ways to make your house stand out during the holiday season? Looking for a fun and easy way to do it all yourself? Well, JellyFish Lighting has some ideas for you!

Here at JellyFish Lighting, we have all the products for your DIY Christmas Lighting needs! With a wide variety of colors and preset options, the festive home of your dreams is well within reach. With JellyFish, DIY Christmas lights have never been easier!

What is the benefit of going for DIY lighting this Christmas?

There are dozens of ways to get creative using Christmas lights to bring the holiday spirit around. We’ve all seen those crazy lit-up houses during the Christmas season and wondered how they get it done, and we are here to help give some answers on the DIY front! Going DIY this season comes with so many benefits! You can get as creative as you want without installation fees, and it can be a fun way to start the holidays, just turn on some Christmas music and go crazy!

Is it worth it to do my own Christmas lights this year?

This is a good question to ask when thinking about DIY Christmas lights; there are many pros and cons to doing your own lights. Cost efficiency is a big one. It saves money on the actual labor of getting the lights hung. 

And creative freedom; who doesn’t love to get as creative as possible with their own decor? If you do it yourself, you can pick and choose and design to your heart’s content what you want your lights to look like! You can turn it into a fun family activity; kids love helping when it comes to decorating, so giving them some fun lights to put up in the front yard to help get in the Christmas spirit is another added bonus.

And with any good DIY project, there are a couple of cons, one of them being the roof. If you’re afraid of heights or just uncomfortable with going up on the roof in general, this may be a turn-off. Having a professional hang them for you might reduce some anxiety. Another con of doing it yourself would be the time investment. It can take a while to hang and create the light vision of your dreams, so having some help may appeal to you. Overall there are positives and negatives to doing your own lights, and it definitely comes down to what is best for you and your families!

What should I know before starting with my own decorations?

While decorating can be fun, planning and visualizing before we run off to the store and buy lights is important. With much to take into consideration before going to the store, we have a few ideas to help you start the DIY Christmas lighting process. How many lights for trees, and how many lights for the house?

Think about the trees and the bushes and how many lights you think you will need or want for those, then maybe take some time to measure the exterior of your home and plan out what you want it to look like. Then with these numbers or estimations in mind, think about the kind of lights you would like or don’t want to use. Are they energy efficient? How many outlets will I need? Should I purchase an extension cord for those tough-to-reach places?

It’s always a good idea to plan out your outdoor Christmas lights, how you’re going to hang the lights, and what your outdoor vision is. It may be simple just around the gutters, or extravagant designs on the roof and home. Either way, planning is the best way to start the process of your DIY journey.

How do I choose which lights to hang?

You may be wondering which type of light bulb makes it feel most like Christmas, and the answer is many! C7 and C9 bulbs are commonly used on the exterior of homes! An array of colors from red, green, and white brings in that Christmas flair.

Christmas string lights are also a great way to add a festive touch around the windows and trees of your home! Net lights are a great way to add fun lighting to the bushes of your home without all the hassle. There are also special holiday lights for the exterior of your home, such as candy cane lights, icicle lights, present-shaped lights, snowflake lights, LED lights, and so many more! The possibilities are endless for your dream holiday lights and bringing your vision of holiday cheer to life! 

What are some ideas to make Christmas feel like my own?

The home is where the heart is, so why not make the heart happy by decorating both the inside and outside of that home? There are so many fun and unique ways to add Christmas cheer inside with simple DIYs! You can create so many unique, fun things using LED fairy lights to brighten the home and make it look festive.

You can use string lights to make a Christmas tree on a wall and hang light ornaments, cute snowman lanterns with some string fairy lights, a mason jar, and some paint, or even make a simple snowflake wall using your own snowflake patterns!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making Christmas feel authentic to you or your family. Making a garland has never been easier. Just use some twine, and yarn colors of your choice, dry out some cranberries or oranges, and find some pine cones and tada! You have some fun festive homemade garland!

How do you attach led lights to your house?

Hanging LED lights may seem intimidating, but here are a few tips to help start the DIY process. When thinking about which lights to hang and why LED is a great choice! They save money and are cool to the touch. LED lights are also extremely convenient when it comes to the hanging process, as you can typically connect 8-10 more led string lights while only using one outlet. 

Another great appeal is that they last longer, and with a longer life expectancy, you won’t have to buy lights as frequently. When it comes to hanging these yourself, they aren’t much hassle, but for some of us who are timid about DIY, it is worth leaving it to the professionals. However, for those of us who are doing it ourselves this year, a good starting point is measuring how much you need. No one likes to go to the store and underbuy or overbuy. Knowing how much you need is the first step.

The second step is planning out what you want. Having a map or idea of what you’d like your house to look like will make things so much easier. Next, make sure you purchase roof clips for the lights, attach the lights to the clips and slide them in place between the roof and shingles. The clips are good for LED Christmas lights, C7 lights, C9 lights, mini lights, icicle lights, and many more. 

How can JellyFish Lighting help me?

When looking into buying the lights, it is important to buy quality lights. JellyFish lights have some super high-quality lights you won’t regret purchasing. We always want our homes to glisten and shine with Christmas cheer, and having the right lights helps bring the best effect.

Visit our DIY page for more information and for the people who aren’t into the DIY scene, JellyFish offers installations! To get a free quote simply fill out this form.