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The Different Kinds Of Outdoor Security Lights

Every homeowner chooses a unique way to secure their property. Home safety lighting is customizable and comes in many forms, from automatic locking systems to smart doorbells and home security cameras. You can get a new perspective on protecting your home with outdoor security lights.

Choosing proper lighting for outdoor areas is a matter of design and security preferences. You can select an outdoor lighting style that works best for your space and needs with more options. As your permanent lighting solution experts, we at JellyFish Lighting can share the many advantages and kinds of security lights for your property. It’s more than just a night light—we provide 24-hour recessed lighting solutions to keep your home safe and beautiful.

The Benefits of Exterior Home Security Lighting

Exterior lighting has many uses—just think of how your space changes when you turn on the lights. From preventing intruders to providing illumination on common walkways, security lights can keep you safe in more ways than one. Here are a few benefits of outdoor security lights.

Are Outdoor Security Lights Good at Deterring Burglars?

Property protection is high on the list of reasons to invest in security lighting. Though this may seem like a no-brainer, researchers have been studying the positive effect of outdoor lighting for years. One of the best examples comes straight from the Office of Justice Programs. This case study determined how light fixtures can prevent robberies, vandalism, and accidents. A few outdoor lights is a tiny sacrifice for safety and security.

Light systems protect your home in many ways. They often deter intruders from attempting to invade your property. In many cases, lights allow you to see nearby strangers from your home and call the police if needed. People with security cameras or smart doorbells can also detect faces better when their light fixtures point downward.

Property Value

Many insurance companies offer lower premiums to homeowners with outdoor security systems. Since insurance providers consider exterior lighting a protective measure, certain companies will give you a break on your rate. Properties with lower homeowner’s insurance premiums naturally save money and increase their value.

Another key aspect of property value is curb appeal. A home with proper security lighting is both protected and aesthetically pleasing. Potential buyers will appreciate a house with a practical and stylish lighting system to complement the overall property.

Outdoor Entertainment

You can also use exterior security lighting for general ambiance if you like to host backyard events or sit on the deck at dinner. Your patio parties on warm summer nights will last longer when guests can stay past sunset. With security lights that double as party lights, you get an irresistible two-for-one deal.

For homeowners in places like Colorado, Texas, or Utah, outdoor security lighting creates a welcoming mood for guests in any season. Combine your warm-tone LEDs with a backyard bonfire on cool summer nights, or sit by the patio lights on a brisk fall evening. The opportunities for outdoor entertainment are endless with any security lights.

Personal Safety

Though property protection is a type of personal security, there are even more ways outdoor lighting keeps you safe. For example, let’s say you’re returning home from a long drive and can’t wait to get into your bed. An exterior lighting fixture allows you to get from your car to your door without tripping or falling over anything you can’t see.

On those nights when you want to host a party, your guests may decide to walk through your yard in the dark. You can prevent accidents with a well-lit space, allowing guests to see stray extension cords, small holes in the grass, or nearby potted plants.

Choose the Best Type of Security Lights for Your Home

Choose the Best Type of Security Lights for Your Home

Because outdoor lighting is a multi-purpose solution, there are many options for your home’s security system. Your space should reflect your personal preferences and needs with every detail, including lighting. Explore your options for the perfect kind of security lights on your house’s exterior.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion-activated lighting turns on when movement triggers the sensor. These lights are handy for entering your driveway at night—or even intruder detection. Few intruders would enjoy a bright light in their face right when they arrive at the place. Motion lights can also deter nighttime critters like racoons, deer, and the neighbor’s cat.

Homeowners like motion-activated sensor lighting because it’s energy-efficient, as it only activates when needed and doesn’t needlessly drain its power source. Even a massive bulb is still energy efficient with a motion detector attached—just ensure it’s got enough lumens to clearly illuminate the entire outdoor area.

Automatic Timer Lighting

Automatic lights make excellent outdoor security systems from dawn until dusk. You can program your lighting to activate right at sundown and turn off at sunrise. Timed lighting (also called “dawn lighting”) can deter intruders or other security threats because your perimeter stays lit the entire night. This system saves energy during the day and is easy to use, especially with smart control from your phone.


Floodlights are common driveway fixtures with motion-sensor activation. These lights provide illumination to a large area because of their intense brightness. Some homeowners prefer floodlights for their outdoor security because they can shock intruders when activated. Certain models come with multiple heads for adjustable placement and direct lighting—you can even attach a floodlight cam to record anything that enters the detection range. So long as the brightness settings don’t create a glare on the snapshot/video, you’ll have a record of everything that goes on outside.

LED Security Lights

LED lighting can come in many forms, and homeowners love these light bulbs for many reasons. First, LED bulbs are efficient, bright, and longer-lasting than incandescent bulbs, so you can depend on your outdoor security system for many nights. Also, properly placed downlit LEDs prevent light pollution because the light bulbs aim at the ground instead of the sky. This makes them an effective security option, with enough light to detect faces or license plates in any outdoor camera.

Enjoy Permanent Outdoor Security Lighting in Texas, Colorado, and Utah

Your home is your safe haven, and you don’t need to go out of your way to protect your fortress. With versatile, lasting, and secure wall lights on your home, you can sleep soundly, knowing your property is secure.

At JellyFish Lighting, we have a system that provides festive, practical, and secure lights all in one. Our permanent security lights for Texas, Utah, or Colorado homes create an environment that discourages unwanted intruders and invites guests to stay. With our wall light system, you may notice added benefits such as higher home value, fewer accidents, and fewer missed packages.

JellyFish Lighting systems use permanent LED color-changing bulbs to light the entire perimeter of your home. Control your lights’ color, timing, and zoning with our JellyFish Designer app, engineered for complete customization. We are your lighting solution for all security needs, holiday decorations, and game day celebrations.

Enjoy unique outdoor security lighting from your all-in-one lighting solution experts in Colorado, Texas, and Utah. Our JellyFish Lighting team personally measures your space and matches your trim’s color with a custom quote. In addition, we own and manufacture all of our products to give you complete control of your lighting system.

If you’re interested in our security lighting solution, you can request a free estimate online. We serve Salt Lake City, Denver, Houston, and Dallas homes with expert installation and management.

Enjoy Permanent Outdoor Security Lighting in Texas, Colorado and Utah