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How do I find outdoor lighting services in Dallas, Texas?

There are several places to go for outdoor lights in Texas. Depending on the services you want and how much you can pay for them, you have tons of options between smaller businesses and huge corporations.

At JellyFish Lighting, we offer a high-quality color-changing LED light installation that will last you years. The JellyFish Lighting Dallas address is 2225 E Belt line Rd #205, Carrollton, TX. The phone number is (214) 501-0329.

How do I find a local light installer? How do I choose one?

An outdoor lights company can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Outdoor lighting companies can offer a large range of products.

First, you need to decide your lighting needs. What do you want for your home, and how do you want to light it up? Do you just want security lighting? Do you want lights to accent your home and complement the style of the house? Are you wanting landscape lighting to highlight your yard and landscaping? Are you just looking for decorations for holidays and game days?

Floodlights are great for security lighting for any outdoor space. They can either be on all night or motion-activated to conserve energy.

Accent lights are smaller and dimmer than floodlights. The small light fixtures are attached to the roof or even could be string lights that are fixed to the roof to add to the home decor. These will add softer, more diffused outdoor lighting than floodlights.

Landscape lighting is also typically smaller light fixtures. Small path lights are great for highlighting gardens and the landscape. You can also use spotlights to draw attention to one specific thing.

Some outdoor lighting companies will offer these services, but some will only offer one or two. Be sure to check out the company you plan to go with to make sure they have what you want for a good price.

How do I know which lighting company is right for my needs?

Choosing a lighting company can be tricky. You want to get good service, but also for a good price. It’s a good idea to always check the reviews of any company, and specifically look for reviews mentioning the kind of lights you want.

If other customers are saying that the company did a good job with their experience, especially with the lights you want, you can take that as a sign that they are a reputable company with good service.

If there are minimal reviews or bad reviews, especially for the services you want, take that as a sign that maybe you should look elsewhere. It may seem smart to go with the cheapest option for installing outdoor lights, but it may hurt you in the long run. If an installation is poorly done, you’ll have to repair both the lights and your home.

What kind of bulbs should I buy for my lights?

LED bulbs are the best light bulbs to buy for your lights, indoor or outdoor.

An LED fixture is much more energy efficient than other bulbs and provides low voltage lighting, so you will save on your electricity bill every month, as well as not needing to replace the bulbs nearly as often. LED lighting can run for years without burning out. LEDs also make for great outdoor lights, since they operate better in cold conditions.

Other light bulbs will slow down, dim, and need to be replaced faster when out in the cold.

What should I know before having permanent lights installed?

There are a few things to note about exterior home lighting before you commit to going for it. Permanent outdoor lights are a big project. It will require lots of planning and preparation. Know that even if you go with LEDs and a good company that installs your lights as efficiently as possible, outdoor lights are going to be expensive and will add to your electricity bill.

As long as you know what you want, have a good professional installation company, and understand the maintenance and cost it will require, you can go ahead with outdoor lights.

Who is JellyFish Lighting?

JellyFish Lighting is an outdoor lighting company that can install high-quality, long-lasting outdoor lights for your home. We started in Salt Lake City, Utah, and spread to Denver, Dallas, and Houston. Our LED lights are fully programmable, allowing you to change the colors and patterns of the lights to match whatever occasion, be it a holiday, game day, security lighting, or just accent lighting. The LEDs should last for years without needing any maintenance.

What services does JellyFish Lighting provide? What makes them stand apart?

We offer a high-quality, quick installation of a light display on your home. You can then use the remote to change the colors of your lights whenever you want. Instead of having to put up and take down lights every holiday, or worry about separate security or accent lights, you can have all of them in one.

After one installation, you have all kinds of applications in one! You can have accent lights for any occasion whenever you want, without changing them out yourself.

JellyFish Lighting Services in Dallas

There are four JellyFish Lighting locations in the United States, but several more authorized dealers of JellyFish’s products in almost every state. We have main locations in Salt Lake City, UT, Denver, CO, Dallas, TX, and Houston, TX.

The JellyFish Lighting Dallas address is 2225 E Belt line Rd #205, Carrollton, TX. The phone number is (214) 501-0329.

JellyFish Lighting Dallas Customer Reviews

So, what do people have to say about their experience with JellyFish Lighting in Dallas? Some customer reviews have reported:

  • “You can do almost anything with the app to highlight your home and landscaping”
  • “I highly recommend them to anyone”
  • “They really do make our house pop”
  • “You can use these everyday for accent lighting. And, every holiday can be special”
  • “Excellent product and excellent, professional staff”
  • “Very good from start to finish”

If you’ve decided to try JellyFish Lighting out for your home, you can contact JellyFish Lighting right now! We can come to give you a free estimate on your home and begin designing your lights. Once ready for installation, it only takes a day or two until you never have to change out holiday lights again!