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Does your neighbor outshine you every holiday season? Are you looking for ways to add charm to your house during the holidays, so you’re no longer the boring house on the block? You can’t go wrong with Christmas window lights.

Jellyfish Lighting offers a huge selection of colorful outdoor options. We are confident we have the perfect string lights for all your creative Christmas decorating needs. Here are some of our top suggestions for adding charm and character to your house this year with string light window decorations.

How Can I Make My Home Stand Out This Christmas?

If your neighborhood really gets into the spirit of the winter holidays, you’re probably wondering how to make your home stand out. Festive window light decorations may be the answer. Many people hang lights religiously (pun intended) along their rooftops and around trees but forget to put string lights around their windows, as well. So, there’s your opportunity to make your home unique and cheerful this festive season!

How Popular Are Window Lights?

Window lights have always been charming, and they’ve recently become one of the more popular holiday lighting trends. Homeowners are noticing how effective Christmas window decorations are at inspiring holiday cheer and making the entire neighborhood look more merry and bright. Hanging Christmas lights in a window frame is easier than you may think and can help you achieve the perfect look this holiday season.

What Kind of Lights Should I Use in My Windows?

Finding the best window lights for your home may take some time, but the result is worth the effort, we promise! The Christmas window lights you choose should differ from the icicle lights or large LED lights you hang from your rooftop. You want your window lights to be smaller so they don’t detract from the rest of your house lights or cause things to look off-balance. If your Christmas window lights are too large, they can create the illusion of small, cramped windows. Smaller lights will do just the opposite.

Opt for fairy lights or an enchanting curtain light setup for best results. Rope lights also look great in windows and are a popular choice for outdoor lights because they are easy to mold into various designs, shapes, or even words. Whatever lights you choose for your windows, try to use those same lights around your exterior Christmas wreaths and other exterior Christmas decorations. That way, you’ll achieve a cohesive, complementary look and avoid accidentally choosing clashing light colors.

Do the Lights Do Best on the Inside or Outside of the Windows?

Generally, Christmas window lights look better when installed on the outsides of windows. This is because when you install lights outside a window, you can string them along the exterior window frame where the bulbs are on full display. On the other hand, when you hang up string lights on the interior of your windows, there’s the possibility that the window frame will partially hide the bulbs.

Most homeowners discover that their windows look bigger and brighter when they install Christmas lights on the outside rather than the inside. Indoor Christmas lights (such as the kind you put on your Christmas tree) are usually not appropriate or safe for outdoor use. They will likely stop working soon after being exposed to the elements.

To hang your outdoor LED lights, you’ll need to put up hooks to hold each strand in place. These are different from the gutter hooks you use for your rooftop lights and typically have a strong adhesive on the backside. Space each hook evenly around your exterior window panes. Use a measuring tape to determine how many light strands and hooks you’ll need for each window for best results.

How Do You Decorate a Bay Window With Christmas Lights?

It’s easy to transform your window into a winter wonderland during Christmas and the holidays. They look amazing when decked out with a Christmas garland, tree lights, and beautiful matching wreaths. To make your wreaths look even more enchanting, consider hanging dainty ornaments from them or placing a candle in the center of each wreath. Just be sure to use an electronic candle, since it isn’t safe to light a genuine candle inside of a wreath.

You can use a suction cup to easily hang a wreath on each bay window. Then use exterior or interior window lights to make your home look like it came straight out of an outdoor Christmas decoration catalog.

For an even larger dose of holiday spirit, position a beautifully lit Christmas tree directly behind your bay windows. That way, passersby can see your gorgeous Christmas tree and its stunning decorations from multiple angles.

What Decorating Style Is Trending?

One of the top trending decorating styles this year is the whimsical style. To achieve this look, incorporate plenty of floral elements and warm white light in your interior and exterior Christmas decorations. After years of pandemic-related worries and fears, it’s little wonder that the common theme for Christmas decorating this year is light—and lots of it.

What Are Some DIY Ideas for My Window This Christmas?

One of the most popular Christmas decorating trends this year is to create pockets of whimsy around the home by filling indoor window boxes with sprigs of pine, holly bushes, and other festive greenery. Homeowners are also wrapping their window boxes in fairy lights and adding charming decorations such as an oversized Christmas star, candy cane, or garlands threaded with jovial gingerbread cookies.

Exterior window boxes stuffed full of twinkling fairy lights and Christmas florals are also trending this year. Add a large star or bow to the front of each window box to achieve a dramatic, eye-catching look.

Are Permanent Lights Worth It?

When shopping for Christmas house lights, you’ll inevitably see options for permanent lights. These are becoming much more popular because they remove the need to climb up a ladder twice per year and precariously install or remove each strand of lights from your rooftops and windows.

Permanent lights are more expensive at first than traditional ones you take down every year. However, many homeowners find that they are worth the investment because they are made from high-quality materials and outlast cheaper lights by a long shot. Additionally, since you don’t have to take them down and put them in storage, you don’t need to worry about the bulbs breaking while you’re putting them away for the season.

How Can Jellyfish Lighting Provide the Best Decorative Lighting for My Home?

To achieve the most beautiful sparkle and shine with your outdoor Christmas lights this holiday season, make sure you’re buying the right type of lights. Jellyfish Lighting offers top-quality permanent Christmas lights for the exterior of your home.

We can professionally install the lights for your convenience, or you check out our of our DIY outdoor Christmas lights installation guide. Either way, you can rest assured you’re getting some of the highest-quality Christmas lights available from one of the most reliable names in the industry.