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Instead of spending most of the day on a ladder, untangling Christmas lights, looking for that one spoiled bulb, or sitting on a hard chair in the yard, a Christmas lighting company can get it done. When skeptical about hiring someone to do the job, here’s what companies like JellyFish Lighting offer:

Boost home decor

A well-designed lighting display can boost the holiday spirit, making the home attractive to return to for Christmas. People planning a house get-together for Christmas can wow the guests with a stunning light show. Also, Christmas lighting boosts a home’s curb appeal with fantastic lights that create memories for the Christmas season. 

Professional Christmas lights installation 

Unique displays require work. The more stunning display, the more critical it is to outsource the installation and design responsibility to a professional. Christmas lighting companies are vast with the cords and wires, and they install the lights with the right wattage. A professional company can also guard against faulty fuses and illuminates the home according to preset settings.

One of the biggest offerings of a Christmas lighting company is the use of high-quality, commercial-grade lights. LED is 75% more energy efficient than incandescent lighting, so it doesn’t suck up energy bills. They also last longer than most types of light, so the stunning lights can stay on all day (season) long—just one of the special offers of a professional Christmas lighting company. 

Custom Christmas lights design 

Every home is unique. A lightning professional works with homeowners to create a unique design that aligns with the home style. Whether it’s a sleek, modern design or one with a great holiday feel, a good Christmas lighting company can handle everything.

Reinvent the design annually

If you buy your design, you’ll have to use those lights next year. Plus, you may be stuck with the original factory design every year. This makes it difficult to tweak it to a new design, and if it breaks due to improper care, you’ll be forced to buy a new light. 

A lighting company can take care of the design, improving quality year-round, and handling broken bulbs for you.

Stay insured and safe. 

Here’s the thing, choosing a professional Christmas light installation company over doing it yourself is more budget-friendly. Installation alone or with a friend doesn’t come with insurance should anything go wrong. 

Make Decorating Easy 

A professional lighting company simplifies the installation process. No more wasting time on the roof trying to hook light after light or spending hours detangling strands of light to identify the bad bulb amid lights. The company takes down everything at the end of the season. 

Handle the storage professionally

Once it’s time to remove the lights, the company can have all the bulky Christmas decorations stored for their clients.

In addition, the lights are stored correctly in top condition, so it doesn’t get tangled or broken for use in the coming year.  

Maintenance service 

A professional Christmas lighting company ensures every lighting works in every season. They’ll handle all faulty bulbs if they burn out, too.


JellyFish Lighting was inspired by the comb jelly, a stunning invertebrate with rows of tiny lighting combs that displays beautiful light effects while swimming through the ocean. We implement the technological equivalent of this beautiful creature to light up your home for the holidays. 

Keep in mind: Unlike real jellyfish, our lights won’t sting! 

What sets Jellyfish Lighting apart?

Jellyfish Lighting offers Christmas house lights for all occasions, colors, and presets. 

When family comes to visit or when neighbors drive by, a home should be one to impress. Whether it’s extravagant or simple, we’re happy to help. Their products come with a warranty to be confident in your favorite Christmas lighting decoration. 

Do I need someone to put up my Christmas lights for me?

You can put up your holiday lighting installation yourself, especially if you select a simple design and have low rooflines. However, climbing ladders and dealing with electricity can be risky. In addition, walking on your roof, especially snowy or icy, is no easy feat. 

In addition, you’ll need certain tools to hang holiday lights, such as an extension ladder, light clips, ladder, zip ties, timers, and measuring tapes. When decorating the holiday lighting, ensure the lights are hung safely to prevent electrical issues and injuries. Seek help from a friend, family, partner, or neighbor. 

How long does hanging up Christmas lights take? 

How long it takes to hang up holiday lights depends on the home size and the intricacy of the display. That said, a typical light installation task takes anywhere between 1-4 hours for a mid-sized home. 

What are some ideas for my light displays and decorations?

DIY Luminarias 

This Christmas, tap into festive history and create a wonderful farolito or luminaria. These beautiful, illuminated bags are positioned along a front porch or walkway to signal a warm welcome and show visitors the way. Create these decorations by weighing down plastic bags or decorative paper with rocks or sand. Some cultures believe that this fantastic decoration attracts the spirit of Christmas into a home. 

Lights up a bicycle 

Display a vintage bicycle inside or outside the house. Just wrap the wheel, handlebars, frame, and seat with lighting. To avoid interference of wires with the lock, use black extension cords because they can wrap around black tires to reduce their presence. 

Simple lawn art

Add a beautiful glow to your law with large ornaments made out of food storage bowls, globe shades, and string lights. For a better curb appeal, have them clustered together, and choose an extension cord that suits your landscaping. 

Projector display

Looking for a creative way to light up a massive space, while managing time and electricity? Use a laser light projector. With various settings, these adjustable, waterproof displays simplify the large-scale decorating process. 

Why should I choose JellyFish Lighting? 

JellyFish Lighting can help boost home aesthetics and curb appeal. It’s also an exciting way to promote your favorite design. This lighting system is exceedingly popular because it is permanent—no need to climb up and down the ladder to install these lights. Once the light is installed, it’s there to stay.

JellyFish Lighting is passionate about helping people create a memorable holiday experience with lights. In addition, you can focus on other holiday preparation activities by hiring jellyfish lighting professionals.