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Best Salt Lake Lighting Company

By April 13, 2023May 11th, 2023No Comments

The Salt Lake City area is a great place to live. There are unique restaurants, top-of-the-line entertainment, nationally acclaimed ski resorts, and the gateway to five of the most popular national parks. Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City is famous for its Christmas lights displayed the entire season. So, if you want to upgrade your home with outdoor lighting to match the vibrancy of this fantastic city, you’re going to need some help.

How to Find Lighting Installers in Salt Lake City

Companies are just a couple of clicks away in today’s world. You can easily google and find hundreds of Christmas light professionals near you. There are lighting contractors, designers, and installers, and they all offer different services. The important thing is to find an installer that fits your needs.

What Does an Outdoor Lighting Company Offer?

While many companies offer indoor lighting, only a handful of companies offer outdoor lighting. These lights include deck lighting, porch lighting, security lights, landscape lights, permanent holiday lighting, and several other options. Some companies even offer to survey your property and suggest designs according to the layout and size of your property.

What Should I Look for When Hiring an Outdoor Lighting Company?

When hiring for your holiday lights, you should always be wary of scammers or poor quality. To make sure you get the best quality for the price, there are a couple of things you should look for when company hunting.

First, you’ll want to ensure the company uses quality tools and materials. Quality fixture equipment and solid installation will guarantee your light display lasts a long time. Second, you’ll want to get clear estimates of cost. You never want to be ripped off or trapped with a hidden fee. Third, you’ll want to check their website for photos of past work and customer reviews. Proof of good service in the past is a good sign that you’ll receive the same treatment.

How Much Does Outdoor Lighting Cost?

The cost will always depend on the size of your home as well as your specific needs. The United States national average is approximately $4,000. Setting up outdoor lighting can cost between $25-$40 per foot. Floodlights and porch lights cost around $160 each; path lights can cost around $100. Downlights and uplights cost around $250. If you want a controller with the system to dim or change the pattern of your light display, that can cost about $600-$800.

JellyFish Lighting Services

JellyFish Lighting is a step above other lighting companies in several ways. First, they own and manufacture their own lighting systems and apps. Their lighting systems can be controlled through the Cloud on a mobile app without WiFi. They allow clients to create custom patterns, colors, and designs. Get ready to save on electricity, because all their lights are energy efficient; each bulb uses less than one watt of energy. Customers can choose dimmable lights, put their lighting systems on timers, and change their systems so that their Christmas lights that cover every holiday season and special event.

Where Are the Locations for JellyFish Lighting?

JellyFish Lighting has locations all over the United States, with two locations in Utah: Salt Lake City and Saint George. The Salt Lake City location services the entire valley; the next nearest location is Grand Junction, Colorado.

JellyFish Lighting Customer Reviews

You can check JellyFish Lighting’s customer reviews. We have hundreds of customer reviews available at 4.5 stars and above. Here are a few of them from the Salt Lake City area:

“Our JellyFish lights went up during the late fall, and we could not be more pleased! The installation was expertly completed at the scheduled time. The variety of light patterns is excellent, and brief online videos are helpful in uncovering the many options. The lights brighten up the short, cold winter days, adding interest and color to long evenings. We are very glad we added them to our home.” Larry and Tina Howard, five stars.

“Wasn’t sure what to expect as I had seen ads and looked at the website. However, the end result was truly amazing. Couldn’t be happier. The lights are incredible and what they allow for is beyond any type of description. Only regret is that we didn’t install sooner.” Ari Litvin, five stars.

“Love our JellyFish lights. They were easy to work with and took care of everything. We love being able to change the colors whenever we want. No more climbing on the roof to put up lights before it snows. Highly recommend them.” Julie Johnson, five stars.

“Very happy with my permanent lighting. I did have an issue with a section going out, but JellyFish sent a customer service rep to fix it. We haven’t had any more issues. It’s fun to have lights on Halloween, Valentine’s Day, July 4th in addition to Christmas.” Stephanie Loud, five stars.

“I had these installed a few weeks ago, prior to Thanksgiving. All I can say is WOW! From the install, to the quote, to the product themselves – everything has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve been asked countless times how & where I got these lights (if only JF had a referral program ;). Everything from the Holiday colors to accent lighting adds a special touch to my new home! Love the product and look forward to having fun for years to come.” Andrew Laybourne, five stars.

How Can JellyFish Lighting Help Me?

JellyFish Lighting is a highly-rated company with beautiful product results. They are highly skilled at customizing your property and will install for you a beautiful, sturdy, and energy-efficient light display. You can contact them for more information and a free estimate on your home.