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There’s nothing better than driving down a snow-dusted street full of magical light displays. But, with so many options to choose from, how do you pick the best Christmas lights? Making your yard look like the north pole for Santa is no easy feat, but the good news is that a proper light display can help.

You’ve got holiday light questions, and JellyFish Lighting has answers. From indoor to outdoor use, let’s look at how to choose the best Christmas lights.  

What should I look for in Christmas lights?

First, most people drag out the same box of string lights every year. Lighting technology has improved, so your old string lights are probably outdated. Upgrading your holiday lights is a good idea for several reasons.


Older holiday lights can be dangerous. They are typically made with incandescent bulbs, which can become a fire hazard if left on for too long. Many modern holiday lights, including ones from JellyFish Lighting, are LED. Not only are they safer, but they are energy efficient. 


With so many new styles of lights, you don’t have to stick to the traditional colored bulbs anymore! From rope lights to built-in permanent lighting, there are tons of options to choose from to find the best festive lights for you! 


If you’re playing outlet Tetris with your set of old holiday lights, it’s time to upgrade! The best Christmas lights have smart lighting options and can be controlled through apps and hooked up to timers. This update is going to make your life much easier during the hectic holiday season. 

How to choose the best Christmas lights

When it comes to choosing the best Christmas lights, everyone is different. We all have preferences for style, color, and function. Are you planning a huge Christmas light show, or do you want simple winter lights? Here are some tips for choosing the best Christmas lights for your personal winter wonderland. 

Make a plan

With so many options out there, it’s essential to read up on holiday lights before purchasing anything. Some questions you should ask yourself when looking are:

  • What’s my budget?
  • Permanent or temporary holiday lighting?
  • Simple or elaborate Christmas light display?

Answering these questions will help you start your journey to find the best Christmas lights. Remember, there are no wrong answers! The best part of having such a variety of holiday lights these days is the ability to customize them. 

Decide on color or white light

When choosing the best Christmas lights, one of the biggest questions to ask yourself is if you want color or white light. But, of course, it will ultimately depend on your preference and purpose. 

For example, white Christmas lighting may be best if you plan on permanent lights. Then, you can use it all year as ambiance or security lighting when the holidays are over. Also, white lights are a fabulous option for an elegant New Year’s Eve Party. 

Incandescent vs. LED lights

This is the biggest debate regarding choosing the best Christmas lights. Incandescent light bulbs are what you’ll find on a traditional string of mini lights. They give the nostalgic Christmas look that some people crave. The problem is that they don’t last very long and can become a fire hazard.

You’ll typically find LED lights on today’s holiday light market. Christmas lights with LED bulbs will also last longer than incandescent ones, making them a better choice for outdoor lights. In addition, they’re safer and easier to use, and you can connect as many as you want to create that Christmas wonderland you’ve always wanted. 

Indoor or outdoor?

Odds are the answer to this question is going to be both. You may have different style ideas for inside and outside. For example, your outside lights display may be full of color and look like a Christmas market. Inside, you might choose a more subtle white wonderland with warm white lights this holiday season. 

Best Christmas light styles for indoor use 

Christmas light enthusiasts are usually going to decorate with indoor and outdoor lights. If you live in a city like New York, however, your only option may be indoor lights. Are you living in an apartment? Try adding mini lights or fairy lights so your neighbors can see them this holiday season! 

Warm white mini lights 

A single strand of warm white mini lights can cozy up any room within minutes. They are great home accents for the holiday and the rest of the year. They’re one of the best Christmas lights options if you want something simple and on a budget. For indoor use, we recommend white corded lights, as well. 

Incandescent color bulb holiday lighting

Incandescent bulbs are going to scratch any nostalgic itch you have. While LED lights are more efficient, many prefer incandescent. They give off a warm glow that is perfect for preparing your living room for Santa Claus. 

Best Christmas Tree Lights 

When it comes to indoor holiday lighting, you can’t forget about Christmas tree lights! Many folks choose to go with a pre-lit tree, but you can’t make it your own when you do this. Yes, it can be the easier option. However, when those lights go out, it’s a pain to replace them. Lighting your own tree gives you the freedom to change the lights to match the rest of your holiday light display. 

LED string lights 

Typically, your Christmas tree will look its best with string lights. We recommend warm LED bulbs that are intended for indoor use. Outdoor LED string lights may be very bright and distracting on your tree. This can take away from the ornaments you’ve carefully selected to decorate with. 

The Best Outdoor Christmas Lights 

As for the best outdoor lights, your options will depend on how you plan to set up your holiday light display. It’s also important to note that you must check the packaging to ensure that they’re intended for outdoor use. Most of the best Christmas lights on the market are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but always double check! 

Multicolor LED string lights 

You can’t go wrong with string lights for a Christmas light display. They’re adorable, easy to install, and look great. If you need a lot of footage, you can always buy several strands and link them together. The multicolors’ warmth will surely bring holiday cheer to the neighborhood. 

Permanent holiday lights

Another option is to invest in permanent outdoor lights. Doing so will take a load off of you every season when it’s time to put out the holiday light display. Permanent holiday lights are installed on your roof and are intended to stay up all year. You’ll be able to change the colors, so you can adjust your lights display for New Year’s Eve and other holidays, too!

Fairy lights 

Fairy lights are often mistaken for mini lights, but they are different styles of lights. Fairy lights are not as bright as string lights and are sometimes considered a piece of decor instead of lighting. Nevertheless, they’re a great addition to your backyard, bushes, and other areas where you want subtle outdoor holiday lights. 

DIY outdoor lights

Planning on an elaborate outdoor Christmas light display but wanting to do it on a budget? DIY outdoor Christmas lights are becoming popular. It’s an excellent way to customize your Christmas light display without spending the big bucks. Transport your neighborhood to the North Pole with a light show you’ve created all on your own! Bonus points if you can use your holiday lighting skills year round! 

How can JellyFish Lighting help?

Looking to find the best Christmas lights? Look no further than JellyFish Lighting! We take pride in our unique outdoor lights, which are easily customizable for any holiday. Just open our app and you’ll have access to dozens of pre-set patterns for hundreds of thousands of lights! 

If you’re ready to get started creating your own winter wonderland, contact JellyFish Lighting today!