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Few things transform a home or garden quite like the right lighting.
Not only will a set of stunning string lights add a touch of magic to your patio or yard, but these bulbs are extremely practical too. They can make it easier to navigate your garden at night, so you can make the most of your outdoor space when the sun isn’t shining.
Outdoor string lighting has earned several different names over the years, from “bistro lights” to “fairy lights” to “party lights” and even “holiday lights.” Today, we’ll cover some of the top things you need to know when choosing your ideal outdoor lighting.

Why are String Lights so Popular?

Delicate, versatile, and wonderfully attractive, string lights have become a popular option for homeowners worldwide today. Whether you’re looking for outdoor patio lights to make your garden shine or a unique way to combine décor with indoor lights, string lights have you covered.
According to the opinions of design pros on string lights, these bulbs are often popular because they’re flexible and convenient. You can use your string light or rope light in a multitude of ways, both inside and outside of the home. While these bulbs initially gained attention as the perfect Christmas lights, they’re now commonly used as track lighting and night lights.
String lights come in various styles, so you can adapt your outdoor lighting to your tastes, creating a romantic, quirky, or playful environment. Plus, you can choose from various ways to power your lights, from remote controls to solar lights and batteries.

What are the Benefits of This Kind of Backyard Lighting?

While a good string light can look fantastic anywhere in your home, these products are particularly popular outdoors. For example, they can form a fantastic path light if you want to guide people through your garden with a soft and warm glow.
They’re also great for making an outdoor space appear more welcoming. A good set of LED straight lights can create an almost magical aesthetic. The biggest benefits of outdoor string lights include:
· Versatility: There are dozens of outdoor lights to choose from. You can choose from various colors and styles of solar-powered or battery-powered LED lights. Plus, you can hang them however you choose, giving you more room for customization.
· Affordability: While the price of your backyard string lights will vary depending on your style choices, most of these products are relatively affordable. You can transform your home décor without spending a small fortune.
· Practicality: A string light can be a practical way to help people navigate your garden. Rather than investing in various outdoor lighting forms, you can use string lights to guide visitors along the right path to your home.
Many of the best outdoor string lights are also specifically designed for your backyard. This means they come with extra-strong LED or incandescent bulbs, resistant to various weather damage.

How do You Hang Up a String of Lights?

Figuring out how to hang outdoor string lights is generally pretty straightforward. Most products will come with a hanging light kit, including hooks and ties to help you connect your bulbs to your patio or wall décor. Others have a flexible wire that make it possible to wrap your strand around poles and furniture with ease. Here are a few step-by-step tips for hanging string lights effectively:

Step 1: Choose the right lights

Before you start thinking about how to string lights across the backyard, you’ll need to ensure you have the right string light for your needs. Measure the area where you want to hang your lighting (such as the patio) and ensure the wire or cable is long enough on your chosen product. It’s also worth asking in advance, “What type of bulb should I look for?”
An incandescent light may be a little brighter, but it will consume more energy, and may require an outdoor electrical outlet. You may also find an incandescent light bulb is more likely to heat up, which may make it more dangerous to have around flammable objects.
Ask yourself how you will power your lights (battery, solar power, or outlet), and what kind of aesthetic you want to create. You can also find warm white bulbs, cool white, and colorful options.

Step 2: Measure and mark where your lights will go

Once you’ve chosen the best outdoor string lights for your needs, it’s time to prepare for where you’re going to hang them. Use a tape measure and a pencil to mark where to place each cup hook, or eye hook in advance. This will help to ensure each mini light is in just the right position.
Once you’ve checked the positioning for your outdoor lighting, screw in any cup hooks included with your light set. You’ll need to use these tools to keep your lighting situated where you want it to be in your outdoor space.
If you’re creating light poles, or simply wrapping a wire of LED bulbs around a piece of furniture, you may be able to skip this step and simply experiment with your style.

Step 3: Hang your outdoor lighting

Next, it’s time to hang your outdoor string lights. You might find it easier to screw each glass bulb into place after you’ve hooked the wires on your patio or furniture. If your bulbs are already connected to your string light, carefully arrange the strand where you want it to be.
You’ll need to be cautious when positioning the strand for your string lights around pieces of furniture and PVC pipe, as you can easily break certain kinds of bulb.
Start with the hook closest to your outlet or power source, and work your way across the outdoor space. Once you’re done threading the strand or wire across your patio, you can switch the lights on to test how they look. If you’re worried the strand may droop, try fastening it in place with a zip tie.

Where should I put String Lights In My Yard?

Where you position your outdoor string lights will depend heavily on your needs and preferences. If you’re using string lights in the place of outdoor security lights, you might want to ensure they’re located around your pavement or the entryway to your home.
Other options to consider could include:
· Around your patio or decking area
· Over a covered deck
· Around a children’s playhouse
· Hung around a fence
· Wrapped around a tree
· Hung directly on your house or building
· Placed around furniture or poles in your garden

Do string lights get hot?

It’s worth double-checking the type of string lights you will use before you start looking for the perfect position. If your outdoor lighting is likely to heat up, you may want to keep it away from flammable objects.
LED bulbs are more likely to get warm to the touch, without overheating too much. However, non-LED string lights and incandescent bulbs can get very hot over time.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Lighting with Jellyfish

When you’re looking for the best backyard lights to transform your home, our string lights are here to help! Outdoor string lights are beautiful and practical, with many great designs and styles. Our flexible, permanent LED bulbs display millions of colors and leave a stunning aesthetic that lasts for years.