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What is the best way to illuminate a backyard?

Are you looking for backyard light ideas? Whether it’s a special occasion or a permanent decoration to light up your backyard, outdoor light fixtures are a fun part of many outdoor activities. So what is the best way to light up your backyard space permanently or just for a gathering or party? Let’s talk about some options!

What different types of lights can I use? (string lights, torches, etc.)

So what are the best outdoor lights to consider for your backyard? That depends on many factors, but let’s list some options you might want to consider.
If your goal is to set an atmosphere, you’ll probably want to focus more on the way that the lights look and complement the rest of your decorations; on the other hand, if you’re actually trying to light up an area effectively, you’re going to want to focus more on how the lights illuminate backyard areas.
First, let’s talk about hanging string lights. Many kinds of lights might fit under this description, including some closely following the main line of lights (similar to traditional “Christmas light” style lights) and others hanging down from the main line in separate strings. They could be large, old-fashioned bulb lights or smaller “fairy lights” that are almost a part of the wire itself. Old-fashioned light-bulb-style lights are great for a rustic or outdoorsy look, but also go well with some modern, hipster decoration styles. Fairy lights are great for a fantastical, magical look, delicate and enchanting.
Another option is path lights installed by a path, garden, or another barrier in your yard. Some of these are small standing lights, like mini lanterns raised above the ground, while others are flat circular lights installed flush with the ground. One benefit of any kind of path light is that they’re usually easy to maintain. In addition, outdoor solar lights take energy from the sun’s rays, so there’s no complicated installation of electrical components. All you have to do is put the light together and stick it in the ground wherever you want, and as long as it gets some sunlight during the day, you’ll be good to go!
But not all lights have to be solar powered. Alternatively, some path lights may be battery-powered, which requires a little more maintenance, but they can also be installed in shady areas during the day. Of course, if you really want to go all out with these or any of your outdoor lights, you will likely be able to find a permanent installation option that wires the lights to your home’s electricity.
Next, electric lights aren’t the only kind of lighting out there! Torches and firelight can be a great option as well. These kinds of lights require more attention and care (you wouldn’t want anything to catch fire, of course), but fire pits, tiki torches, and more provide both literal warmth and warm lighting to any outdoor event, perfect for evoking the feeling of camping by a fire or celebrating on a torch-lit beach.

Setting up lights for outdoor parties

One situation in which you might need to consider your outdoor lighting options is when you’re hosting an outdoor party. So, what kind of lighting works well for a backyard party? Once again, this depends on the type of party that you’re trying to host. A more relaxed, casual party might benefit from some subtle lighting, more for decoration than for actual illumination. For this, path lights, landscape lighting, and fairy lights might be helpful tools to keep the outdoors safe and well-lit. On the other hand, if you’re planning to be playing games or being more active during your backyard party, you’ll probably want to have some strong illumination; flood lights might be a bit too much for this, but it really depends on how big of an area you need to illuminate! On the other hand, wall sconces or other bulb lights might provide enough illumination if your backyard area is close enough to supportive walls or overhangs; even a fence around your yard might be a good spot to add those kinds of lights. Again, you just want to ensure that the important areas of your yard are lit up or highlighted in a way that matches the decor and style you like.

Options for backyard security lights

Outdoor security lights are another thing to consider when it comes to outdoor lighting. Although these lights are not really designed for decor, they can be helpful for large outdoor areas; where your home’s lights don’t reach the corners of the yard, for example, you may want to install some outdoor security lights. These could be motion-activated lights, so nobody can move through your yard unnoticed. However, lights that are always on can also help provide some security. Many illicit activities are much less likely to occur in well-lit areas; make sure that your home is one of these!

Getting creative with lighting your backyard

Learning how to string lights across backyard areas in a way that has the feel you want for that space might take some time, but it’s something that anyone can learn with practice! As mentioned above, you can consider many different types, colors, and lights styles for your backyard lighting. Whatever you go with, remember that these lights will be a major focal point for visitors, especially if it’s dark outside when they’re in your yard! It’s important to consider what you’re drawing people’s attention to.
For example, some people prefer lights to follow the lines that are already there, and will put outdoor string lights along fences, patio railings, pathways, and more; this highlights the lines and sections of your yard more vibrantly and makes the whole space feel included in the events. Other people prefer to hang strings of lights above and across the space, giving it a peaceful but enclosed feeling, leaving the “edges” or lines that are already there to speak for themselves.
When you’re choosing colors for your lights, you can of course stick with white-but even then, there are many different options for the “temperature” of the lights you use. A “cooler” white, with more blue than orange in it, will often be brighter and more exciting, while “warmer” whites, with more orange than blue, are more soothing. Adding additional colors will put an entirely new element in play. You can choose colors that complement your house or furniture, or ones that match the event (for example, red, white, and blue for a patriotic holiday in the United States, or green and red for Christmastime). Whatever colors you choose, make sure that you know how your backyard will look when that color shines on it. Sometimes, even a beautiful color of light can sap the visual appeal from an area if it doesn’t mesh well with the color of its surroundings. (A bright red light, for example, will turn blues and greens to a purple color, which may not be the look you’re going for.)

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