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Learn more about JellyFish Lighting app updates.

November 2022

JellyFish Cloud App Update

Version – App: 1.0.3 Controller: 030022

  • Fixed issues with new provisioning code not able to discover controller consistently
  • Added help button which shows video
  • Fix for schedule calendar events that are over a year old (Calendar events would not work the year after they were created)

November 2022

JellyFish Cloud App Update

Version – App: 1.0.2 Controller: 030021

  • Support for new provisioning (add controller) process and requires LED

October 2022

JellyFish Cloud App Update

Version – App: 1.0.1 Controller: 030015

  • Fixed error handling in provisioning in an attempt to improve the process

August 2022

JellyFish Cloud App Released

Version – App: 1.0.0 Controller: 030015

  • Control your lights from anywhere off WiFi
    • Improves connectivity issues
  • Choose between 3 different colors of white or create your own accent pattern
  • Create colors using RGB codes
  • Display multiple controllers in the app to easily switch between controllers
  • General functionality improvements

January 2021

JellyFish Designer App Update

Version 2.0.2

  • Zones
    • The minimum size of a port has been set to 10 lights
    • Default port size is now 50 lights
    • Fixed issues with changing zone and using “zone” in the name of a zone
    • Fixed issue where the UI would not update after deleting a zone
    • After renaming a zone the app will go and check other places that zone was used and correct those
    • Other bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue with having numbers in zone name
  • Accent
    • When leaving accent, if no lights were turned on, turn off the lights o Fixed an issue where a “bad zone” message would not be cleared o Fixed power button in accent
    • Fixed an issue where a controller firmware restart would change selected  zone
    • Fixed problem with accent switching zones
    • Corrected error if an accents size was bigger than its zone
  • Schedule
    • Fixed an issue where a calendar event could have an end date before the  start date
    • Changed the default days for a schedule to everyday in the week
  • Settings
    • When naming a controller, it restricts to alphanumeric characters
    • Improved WIFI setup
    • Bug fixes
  • General 
    • Added tutorials button to the top of the screen
      • This takes you to a page with tutorials if you need help working  your lights
    • Changed power button behavior
      • Entering the Pattern or Accent page will turn on the lights
    • Fixed some issues on app bootup
  • Connectivity
    • Pixel devices will now have a much nicer time connecting to controllers
    • A more specific message will now appear if the app can find a controller  but not communicate with it
      • Entering the Pattern or Accent page will turn on the lights
    • Changes to improve connectivity to controller 

August 2020

JellyFish Designer App Released

Version 1.0.1

  • Ability to create zones
  • Create your own patterns
    • The JF Designer App allows you to create custom lighting sequences for any event! It also comes with 102 preset programs that you can choose the movement for, the options include color (no movement), chase, paint, stacker, sequence, and multi-paint.
    • How to create patterns
  • Create your own accent lighting patterns (individually addressable lights)
  • Set calendar events

August 2020

JellyFish P2 Controller Update

Version 020102

  • LCD
    • Programs can now be run from LCD menu on the controller
      • The first press of the LCD will just activate the back light. Press  again to do anything else
        • Speed and brightness can be adjusted
      • Navigate files in a category with the left and right arrows
      • Change categories with the Menu button
  • Lights
    • Fixed issues where unexpected colors could pop up when rapidly  changing settings from the app
  • Schedule
    • Allows for multiple events to happen at once
      • Useful for changing different zones at different times